Personal Training

At Real Athletic Workouts we use a combination of strength and energy system training in conjunction with scientific nutritional advice in order to help our clients reach their personal fitness goals. Feeling good after a workout is very important, it improves your mood and psychological well-being however, are you actually physiologically benefiting from the time and effort you put in the gym?

  • Improved body composition: lower body fat percentage, increase lean mass

  • Improved insulin sensitivity

  • Improved strength, energy and vitality

  • Increased athletic performance: power output, strength, mobility, speed and agility

  • Prehabilitation and rehabilitation of injuries

RAW focus on long-term sustainable weight loss to improve your health and quality of life.

Our aim is to address all of these issues in order for clients to achieve and maintain goals. RAW is focused on the big picture, long-term sustainable weight loss to improve your health and quality of life.

Upon becoming a client at RAW you will go through a complete evaluation. This will include:

  • Health questionnaire – This will identify your current fitness routine, diet, previous injuries and any health problems or medication
  • Structural balance assessment – We will perform a structural balance assessment to identify weaknesses and/or tightness in certain muscles and/or joints. This information will help us design an effective training program.
  • Body-fat measurement – We use skinfold calipers to measure and track body composition.
  • Goal setting – We will set long and short term achievable goals.

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