Jeremy Meyer

Jeremy founded Real Athletic Workouts in 2010 in order to offer Personal Training and Nutritional services to urban professionals and athletes. Since opening the gym he has built up a strong business in a competitive market by using a team of highly experienced, certified personal trainers working in a studio designed to create a relaxed, non intimidating training environment that appeals to more discerning clients.

Jay Horley

Growing up Jay was involved in Martial Arts, with his biggest sporting achievement winning the Tang So Do world championships 2009. He transitioned into a career in the fitness industry 2010 and moved to Hong Kong in 2013 when he joined Real Athletic Workouts as a Personal Trainer.

Jared Pearson

Jared has worked at Real Athletic Workouts as a Personal Trainer since 2014. Jared, who was twice winner of the Golden Glove and also State Boxing Champion in Vancouver. From being a former competitor to a coach who has trained champions, he is truly passionate about boxing.  He continues to train and develop his own boxing skills, as well as trail run and occasionally yoga classes.

Ivan Corsi

Born and raised in Brazil, Ivan’s passion for fitness began at an early age. An avid soccer player, the relationship between peak physical fitness and performance excellence was evident. And, inspired by a family member who was a respected bodybuilder and Personal Trainer in Sao Paulo, Ivan discovered secrets for transforming the body to look and operate at its best.

Jefferson Basso

Jefferson started working as a model in Brazil which led to travel and work all over the world.  Due to his strong interest in strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle, he also worked as a freelance Personal Trainer during his modelling career after completing the NASM course in Hong Kong.  He has continued developing professionally by acquiring his Poliquin qualifications in Australia 2010.

Rhiann Sherriff

Since returning to Hong Kong she has gained experience in rehab, movement efficiency and fat loss. Her philosophy is to focus on lifestyle changes versus quick fixes. Forming healthy habits rather than forcing difficult changes. She endeavours to empower her clients with knowledge and strategies to make positive lifestyle decisions for themselves.

Faiq Khan

Faiq Khan is an accomplished Cricket player who has represented the Hong Kong team and worked as a Cricket coach while attending university, where he studied accountancy.  He joined Real Athletic Workouts as a Personal Trainer in early 2016.

Louise McCallum

Originally from Australia, Louise McCallum is an accomplished Personal Trainer and sports women who started her Personal Training career in 2010 and since then has worked training executives, celebrities and athletes of all levels.

Sean Trevena

Sean has over 20 years of coaching experience as a Personal Trainer. He has accumulated knowledge and experience from all his travels. Sean has the ability to work with people of all levels from complete beginners to elite athletes. He aims on integrating a holistic approach to nutrition, lifestyle and training with all of his clients.

Loretta Yuen

Growing up in Belize, Loretta’s passion for fitness started during her high school cheerleading days. During her time at Florida International University, she juggled teaching fitness classes and her studies in International Business and Marketing. This was the starting point of Loretta’s career in fitness.

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