5 Things I Learned From Andre Benoit’s Hypertrophy Academy

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Jeremy Meyer RAW Personal Training Manager

Andre Benoit has twenty-five years experience in Strength and Conditioning. He represented Canada in Luge in the 1988 and 1992 Olympics. Using his own experience as an elite athlete, he went on to train others including:
The Canadian Alpine Ski team, Luge, skeleton, bobsleigh and speed skating teams. Top NFL, CFL, Track and Field and NHL Athletes.

Andre is a Poliquin Level 5 coach (Highest attainable level. Must train an Olympic Medalist in order to become level 5). He has also worked directly with the world renowned Charles Poliquin for almost two decades.

March 3rd 2014: Body weight 103kg at 14.5% body fat 


In February of this year, Andre came to RAW to teach his “Hypertrophy Adademy”.

I met Andre at the Poliquin Courses (level 1,2,3,4 and biosig 1) which he conducted. I was always impressed with his knowledge when it came to strength and conditioning. What impressed me the most was his ability to explain very complex topics in a very simple matter. Trainers who attend his course are able to grasp concepts like the following:

  • Short term and long term periodization.
  • Training Volume Vs Training Intensity
  • The science behind planning training sets, repetitions and rest periods in order to get optimal improvements in: Strength , Power, Endurance and Muscle Mass.


March 3rd 2014: Body weight 103kg at 14.5% body fat


5 Things I learned from Andre Benoit Hypertrophy Academy:

  1. In order to induce muscle mass gains and strength improvements, you have to create Muscle Damage:

Unless you use the adequate training intensity (load or weight) the body has no reason to adapt. Exercise is a stressor. The body responds to stress by adapting. If the training intensity (load) is too low, you will not get stronger or provide enough stress to cause a hypertrophic response (Muscle mass gains). If it is too high, you greatly increasing the chances of injuries and overtraining. Andre teaches how to ride this fine line.



April 28th 2014: Body weight 104kg at 11.5% body fat


2. The importance of Training Variety:

There are many variables when it comes to strength training:

  •  Number of sets per exercise.
  •  Repetitions per set
  •  Exercise type
  •  Repetition tempo (timing of each repetition)
  •  Rest periods between sets

It is crucial to include just the right amount of variety when designing a training program. Too much variety will “confuse” the nervous system. The body has no chance to adapt. However, not enough variety and the body will become “stale”. Including variety in your training programs is a science as well as an art, and Andre explains how to do it in detail during his course.



April 28th 2014: Body weight 104kg at 11.5% body fat


3.  The importance of Training Volume
Training volume is the amount of “work” performed during each session/week/training phase. It is measured in terms of total weight lifted per training session/week/ training phase. Too little volume and the strength/muscle gains will not happen. Too much volume and you could be overtraining and under recovering. Many factors (training age, goals, frequency) come into play when planning the proper amount of volume. Andre goes over this in detail in his class.


April 28th 2014: Body weight 104kg at 11.5% body fat


4.  The correct way of planning 2 sessions per day training.
If used properly, doing two sessions a day can dramatically improve strength and body composition over a relatively short period of time. However, careful programing must be applied in order to maximize recovery and minimize fatigue and the chances of overtraining and injuries.


5.  Andre Benoit ERDNA Training System.
When it comes to making gains in the weight room, the law of diminishing returns applies. The stronger a person gets, and the closer they get to their genetic potential, the harder it becomes for them to improve.
I have been training since the age of 15. I’m turning 40 this year so I’ve been training for 24 years. For the last 4 years, I had been stuck at a training “Plateau”. This was until Andre taught me his ERDNA method for advanced trainees. I followed the ERDNA method for 8 weeks.


April 28th 2014: Body weight 104kg at 11.5% body fat

The results were as follows:
March 3rd 2014: Body weight 103kg at 14.5% body fat (14 site measurement (See Pics)
April 28th 2014: Body weight 104kg at 11.5% body fat (14 site measurement) (See Pics)

In period of 8 weeks, I gained 3.5kg of lean mass!! I also followed a very strict nutrition plan which will be the focus of a future blog entry.

Jeremy Meyer
Manager/Trainer at RAW Personal Training




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