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What you can expect from RAW

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Who are RAW?

Real Athletics Workouts (RAW) is a personal training one-to-one only service gym space in Hong Kong. In fact, it is the best personal training facility in Central Hong Kong. Our location details can be found here – (very close to mid-levels, the finance district and central escalator).

We successfully enjoy helping our clients achieve their fat loss, weight loss and body transformations goals.

In addition, we have assisted our customers in reaching specific sports performance, strength & conditioning, nutrition and injury rehabilitation targets for more than ten years.
We welcome people from of all ages and fitness levels to our studio in Central Hong Kong.

The RAW Studio in Central Hong Kong – atmosphere and equipment:

RAW is designed to provide a relaxed atmosphere suitable for all types of workouts. We would be happy to provide a tour of our facility show you our top of the line equipment. We have a wide range of machines, free weights and cardiovascular equipment. Located on the 22nd floor of Winsome House, we have amazing views of Central Hong Kong and plenty of natural light coming in.

Your First Visit to meet RAW – What to expect:

Jeremy Meyer, the founder and senior trainer at RAW, will be delighted to welcome you and introduce himself and other RAW staff members and at the same time, discover your personal fitness goals. This will give you an understanding of how RAW can help you to achieve overall wellbeing.
Once we have had a short chat to answer your questions, the next step is to go schedule your first session which includes our ninety minute initial assessment.

You Initial Assessment

During your initial assessment, we will determine your present level of fitness and find out more about your current lifestyle. Based on these inputs we design a suitable training and nutrition plan to best achieve time-bound results for you.

The key elements of the consultation are:

  • Health Questionnaire – we will go through the Health Questionnaire with you. This part will cover exercise/health history and go over wellness and lifestyle issues such as sleep and digestion habits

  • Movement Screen – Here we determine what your physical capabilities are. This helps us start at the correct level for you. We also perform an overhead squat test along with some core stability testing
  • Skin Fold Measurements – We will undertake a 12 site skinfold analysis to assess your current body fat composition. We will also record of the waist and hip measurements, and we take profile photos to track your progress effectively.
  • Goal Setting – In the final stage of assessment, our trainers help you set outcome-based goals as well as process goals that are specific, attainable, measurable, relevant and time-bound.

The Initial assessment is a paid session that takes 75-90 minutes. This is a onetime cost of HK$1,100, or it can be adjusted as the first session if you purchase a package (HK$950-1,050 depending on the package) No long-term commitment is required.

Our Trainers

All trainers at Real Athletic Workouts (RAW) have to meet a minimum qualification and experience requirements in order to work with our clients.

Depending on your goals and the time of day you wish to train, we will select a trainer who will be the best fit for you. Of course Personal Training is about ensuring you get on well with the trainer. So if you have a preference please let us know. Take your time to look through the Trainers section of the website here to find out more about each member of our team. Please remove this paragraph for now until I have hired more trainers.

If your trainer is unavailable for any reason another trainer can easily take charge for a session. Don’t worry about losing progress as all your workouts are logged in our shared software.


Your trainer will guide you towards your goals but the results you achieve with us will really depend on you, your commitment and dedication.

We know the process works – please visit our transformations page to see what is possible. It’s down to you to train hard, eat well and the results will come.

Whether trying to shape up, manage weight or train for your sport, we can provide full support and motivation, tracking your progress along the way. Join a RAW personal training program and contact us here.

The Transformation of Ricky Yau - Raw Personal Training

The Transformation of Ricky Yau

Book your initial consultation and start your own transformation journey today.

RAW Personal TrainingWhat you can expect from RAW