Aerobic Training – Are you wasting your precious time?

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There is a general misconception that running on a treadmill can help you reach health and fitness goals by lowering body fat percentage. In fact, if you use a treadmill frequently then ask yourself first. Have you benefitted actually? How many kgs did you shed? It is more likely you’ve been disappointed.

At RAW, we never ask you to run on a treadmill. If a trainer is making you workout on a treadmill then it’s time to switch to another one.

Aerobic training for fat and weight loss can lead to poor body composition and higher body fat percentage if performed on its own. The reason is aerobic exercise creates a hormonal environment that degrades muscles. Since there is a direct relationship between muscle mass and metabolism, if you lose muscle mass, it will slow down the metabolism rate that affects the body’s rate of breaking down fat deposits.

To lower fat deposits accompany aerobic training with strength training. Strength training builds muscles to improve body composition and metabolism simultaneously. It can also help your balance coordination and prevent injuries.

Try replacing aerobic workouts with strength training under the supervision of a Personal Trainer to cut extra fats and feel good.

RAW Personal TrainingAerobic Training – Are you wasting your precious time?