Andre Benoit – Training Course at RAW

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Andre Benoit Seminar

We are bringing Andre Benoit  back to Hong Kong to teach his 3 day Strength Academy course at our studio.  

The dates are Friday 19th, Saturday 20th, and Sunday 21st August. 

The course will cover the following topics and is ideal for Personal Trainers or Athletes wanting to take things to the next level:

  • Understanding, differentiating and training for the 5 strength qualities (Power, Speed, Relative Strength, Absolute Strength, Strength Endurance)
  • Advanced strength training methods (Eccentric training, Contrast training, Plyometrics, Strongman training Post-rehab training, conjugate method, Peaking…)
  • Understanding and modulating Energy systems. (anaerobic alactic power  vs capacity , anaerobic lactic power vs capacity, aerobic system) How to train for each system and what to avoid. 
  • Andre’s structural screening. Understanding structural issues with clients, knowing when to progress/regress them according to mobility, training age, injuries, goals…
  • Program design for each strength quality

You can see Andre’s full Bio here and the full course details here.

We have limited this to 15 spots and have a few still available.  The early bird price is HK$9,000 before July 31st or HK$10,000 after that.  

Contact us at if you are interested. 

RAW Personal TrainingAndre Benoit – Training Course at RAW