New Mother gets back to Pre Pregnancy Weight after 3 months of Training

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Nina Zhou Transformation

Pregnancy personal training

Back in shape 3 months after pregnancy

Nina started training at RAW in 2015. Initially, she came to us as she was dealing with a few injuries caused by long distance running.

She fell in love with the whole experience of training at RAW and is still training with us. Nina has recently given birth to her second child.

She lost all of the pregnancy weight just 3 months after giving birth.

Nina was 13% body fat before pregnancy. After giving birth and once she was cleared to get back into the gym, her trainer Jared measured her at 21% body fat. 3 months later she was back down to 14% body fat.



I recently sat her down as I wanted to ask her a few questions about her experience:

How did strength training help you with your recovery from your second pregnancy?

Being physically strong has really shortened the recovery period of my pregnancy. I was able to run after my toddler just one week out of the hospital. I had natural births for my two kids and that takes a massive toll on ones body. After having my first pregnancy and before I started strength training, it took me one year to fully physically recover.


What benefits have you found in strength training over aerobic based running?

1) Mental toughness. Lifting weights can be quite intimidating sometimes. When I came back to RAW after my second pregnancy, I could not do a single chin-up. Now I can do 8.


“I could not do a single chin-up. Now I can do 8!”


2) Better body awareness. It is so important. Jared is an amazing trainer. He is constantly coaching me on posture and exercise technique.

3) Concentration and mental focus. I still have issues with it and it is work in progress. Jared is on me regarding this all the time. He never lets me get distracted. One useful way RAW trainers keep their clients focused is they constantly monitor all variables during sessions. They track sets, repetitions, weight, tempo and rest periods with extreme precision. Not a single second is wasted during my sessions at RAW Personal Training.



How have you managed training multiple times a week on top of managing a family and full time work?

Having a session scheduled with Jared at RAW helps balance out my day. Sessions at RAW are very efficient. I get more done in 60 min than most people do in commercial gym in 90 min.  It’s also a great outlet when I have a stressful day.   My trainer Jared is a great cheerleader in getting me focused on getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  It is definitely a love-hate relationship between him and I.

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RAW Personal TrainingNew Mother gets back to Pre Pregnancy Weight after 3 months of Training