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The 5 Essential Things To Look For Before Joining a Gym In Hong Kong

Before Joining a Gym in Hong Kong

As of July 2019, there are over 35 fitness centres in Central Hong Kong. Personal training commercial gyms and group class studios are opening up every month. These new businesses offer a wide range of services from all variations of yoga classes to group type classes based on bodybuilding workout programs promising extreme fat and weight loss, strength and muscle gains in a very short period of time.

The methods used by some of these new gyms are questionable and not based on proven athletic training programs. This often leads to injuries and disappointment due to a lack of progress and results.

So here are 5 Essential Things To Look For Before Joining a Gym In HK.

One:  Do they have positive and genuine reviews?

Reading online reviews  is one of the easier ways to do the due diligence. You don’t actually have to go to the location.  A real review is more than a couple of sentences long and offers feedback from previous or existing customers about the service provided and as well as results that were achieved.
Personal training is a customer service business and a lot can be told from online reviews.

  1. Two:  Do they have a long history of success stories and proven results?

    Do they have real, genuine before and after photos ? Does their website publish any success stories of their clients achieving their goals using their athletic training programs?

  1. Three:  How much time do they spend with you during your initial tour?

    For us at RAW personal training, the purpose of the initial meeting is to find out what your specific goals and your timeframe for reaching them. We want to learn more about your training history and experience level and find out more about your current lifestyle. We will also take as long as needed to answer any questions or concerns. This can take up to 60 min.

  2. Four:  Do they use a systematic approach to helping their clientele achieve their specific goals?

    The personal trainer’s role is to make sure the training and nutrition programs as well as the agreed lifestyle changes are aligned with the client’s specific goals. An assessment should be done during your initial session in order to establish a baseline and find out what your weak links and priorities are.At RAW Personal training, our initial assessment takes 90 min.  We measure body fat percentage, body weight and body mass index.  We take circumference measurements. We have our clients perform a mobility assessment and movement screen and we take “before” photos. A five-page health and lifestyle questionnaire is sent to our clients ahead of the assessment. We need this information in order to customise each program and to set realistic, sustainable, tangible short term and long term goals.

  3. Five:  Is the gym floor extremely busy during peak hours?

    This is a major issue in Central Hong Kong. Gym floors get extremely crowded, untrainable and unsafe. 80% of their clientele train during peak hours and all perform similar bodybuilding workout programs using the same equipment. Hong Kong has one of the highest per square foot rental cost in the world. In order to stay profitable, gyms and personal training studios sign up as many members as possible.

  4. RAW Personal Training is fully private.
  5. We do not have any members and do not sell memberships. All of our training is 1 on 1 personal training.
  6. Our studio is never crowded so you get your Personal Trainer’s full attention at all times with no distractions or waiting for equipment.

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