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Biosignature Modulation in Raw Personal Training

If you have had trouble with weight loss in the past, it could be because of an imbalance in your body’s biochemistry, specifically a hormone imbalance. The over or under production of certain hormones will affect how and where you store body fat. Men store most of their body fat around the stomach area due to an overproduction of the Cortisol hormone. A fat upper back and love handles could mean you’re producing too much insulin. Women tend to store fat in the upper arms and lower body and it is usually caused by poor Estrogen secretion.


A Biosignature consultation with one of our trainers will include:

  • Caliper measurements from 12 sites on the body. The culmination of the 12 sites will show your overall body fat percentage and lean mass percentage
  • An analysis of the 12 sites and identifying areas with high fat readings and a scientific basis of what could be causing them
  • A complete nutritional, supplement and exercise program that targets the identified problem areas to successfully reach and maintain your goals
  • Weekly re-measuring of the 12 sites in order to accurately measure progress

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