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Losing 7% Body Fat without Losing Muscle

When Michael came to see us at RAW, he knew he wasn’t looking after himself properly. Working as an executive in the finance industry, Michael was working more than 12-hour days under the constant pressure of multiple large projects. He wanted to take better care of his physical and mental health with a Body Transformation.

Michael was suffering from chronic lower back and knee pain. He had never done any specific strength training for his lower body and core strength. Michael had tried group training classes and had made some progress initially but then hit a plateau. He realised that he lacked the necessary structure, knowledge, and planning to get to where he wanted to be in his life.

All he knew was that he wanted to reduce body fat without losing muscle but as a middle-aged man, his body didn’t respond to training as well as it used to. Michael knew that signing up to one of the commercial gyms would be an inefficient use of his limited time.

The gyms in Hong Kong are usually crowded and that means waiting in line to use the equipment. Standing around would be a waste of his time and he would probably stop going due to frustration and lack of results. He also didn’t have a lot of experience using gym equipment so he wasn’t sure how he would use it correctly to avoid an injury.

The Process – Losing Body Fat

Knowing how time poor he is, Michael joined RAW because personal training sessions would be an efficient use of his time. He’s also results-oriented so he’d want to see improvements in his health for the time and money he was investing in strength training. We were confident Michael would reach his goal of losing 7% body fat and see results using our program.

During our 90-minute initial assessment, we collected information about Michael’s body fat percentage and current movement efficiency. The assessment showed that Michael lacked core strength and didn’t have enough mobility and stability in his ankle, hips, and shoulder joints. We use the assessment information to set realistic and sustainable targets while keeping in mind our clients’ specific timeframe for achieving goals. Our tracking software allows us to give clients constant feedback about their progress results.

Body Fat - Raw Personal Training Hong Kong

Results – A Complete Transformation

Michael trained at RAW for three hours per week for 12 weeks. We took monthly photos to show him the visible changes in his body and to help with motivation. We took Michael’s previous injuries into consideration when planning his training programs for the next 12 weeks. The customised program we designed helped reduce body fat and build strength with improved mobility in his weak areas.

After 12 weeks of training at Raw, Michael had lost 7% body fat by following our nutrition advice. Best of all, Michael’s increased muscle mass, strength and improved mobility and stability has resulted in him being completely pain free. Achieving specific health or fitness goals requires time and energy. Hiring a personal trainer is also a financial commitment, so make the decision to train with the best personal training gym in Central, Hong Kong.

At RAW, we make sure that you get maximum return for your investments. If you are interested in losing body fat and gaining muscle in a complete Body Transformation please get in touch and find out how we can help you reach your fitness goals.

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