Do you suffer from knee pain?

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Are you an athlete suffering from back and knee pain? Do you find it difficult to climb stairs due to aching knee? If so, then your problem could be lack of VMO (vastus medialis oblique) development. VMO, a teardrop-shaped quadricep muscle with horizontal fibres on the lower side stabilizes your knee medially. It can be the reason for your knee pain.

Causes of knee pain

Patellofemoral pain syndrome may be the aetiological factor behind your knee pain which is caused by an imbalance between vastus lateralis (VL) and vastus medialis oblique (VMO). When VL starts exerting a relatively greater lateral force, it displaces the patella from its normal position within your knee contributing to patellar instability and pain.

Other common reasons of knee pain are muscle imbalance in the hip and thigh region, arthritis or a tight iliotibial band in your thigh.

How to build a VMO and get rid of pain

There are a few exercises to strengthen the VMO namely Poliquin Step Up, Petersen Step Up, and Side Step Up. These should be done to activate lower medial quadrant of your thigh muscles. Make sure you perform these exercises under the guidance of a trainer.

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RAW Personal TrainingDo you suffer from knee pain?