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    • Elliot’s transformation journey is incredible. He was able to reduce 7.1% body fat in just 12 weeks.
    • Sticking to a protein-rich healthy diet and compliance with RAW’s nutritional advice worked.
    • Not to forget, the comprehensive planned strength programs from RAW’s Personal Trainer helped in bringing the change he always wanted to see.

Elliot almost tried everything to lose body fat and salvage his health. Before coming to RAW, he trained with another Personal Trainer but became frustrated as the results were not matching his expectations.

It wasn’t until he came to work with Real Athletic Workouts world-leading Personal Trainers that Elliot was truly able to change his life. After just 12 weeks of working with RAW, he was able to bring an incredible transformation in his health and physique.

He lost weight, cut his body fat to almost 7% and became educated about how to manage his diet and lifestyle. The Personal Trainers at RAW designed a 12 week fitness and diet road map. 3 one-hour workouts a week with the trainer combined with a high-protein/high fiber diet worked amazingly well  for Elliot. Though the workouts sessions were a bit tough for him, he was able to complete them convincingly with the motivation and support of his trainer.

His body fat was constantly monitored throughout these 12 weeks, and changes in diet were advised accordingly with proper clarifications. He was given separate cardio sessions as it was required in his case for body fat reduction.

In his own words,

I am incredibly happy with my results and have signed up for further sessions.  My only advice is to believe in the process, follow the instructions, and a bit of caffeine before a workout helps massively. -Elliot

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