Fascial Stretch Therapy helps Athlete Kevin Kung to competes at the 2014 Asian Games

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Kevin Kung used to play tennis for Columbia University in New York.  When he came to RAW Personal Training, he had not played competitive tennis for three years but had been selected to represent Hong Kong in the 2014 Asian Games. He had three months to prepare for the tournament. As part of his preparation, Kevin trained with Jared Pearson to improve his mobility via Fascial Stretch Therapy.



Kevin Kung at the Asian Games 2014 representing Hong Kong.

The three main priorities for Kevin were:

1. Improve body composition

Extra fat mass was slowing Kevin down on the court and expediting onset of fatigue, thus reducing his ability to maintain peak performance during long matches. We adjusted his intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, with the goal for him to lose 1% body fat per week.  Following a personalised training and nutrition program designed specifically for him, Kevin was able to go from 18.7% body fat to 12.7% in 12 weeks. He also put on 6 kgs of lean muscle mass.

2. Improve mobility

Kevin had tightness in his ankles, hips, and shoulder joints. With mobility being a combination of flexibility, movement and strength, improving mobility will not only help athletes move more efficiently, but also greatly reduce the chance of injury. As part of the program we worked on improving Kevin’s mobility via Fascial Stretch Therapy twice per week.

3. Improve strength and structural balance

Most people tend to only train the muscles and movements in which they feel the strongest, resulting in strength and structural imbalance. In order to improve strength in the long term, attention must also be paid to the weaker areas as well.

You are only as strong as your weakest link”

Many small joint stabilizing muscles, such as the external rotators of the shoulders, vastus medialis oblique muscle (knee joints), the rhomboids and scapula retractors tend to be weaker and under trained.

With Kevin, we worked on strengthening his stabilizing muscles before taking him through a basic strength phase. This gave him a solid foundation to build upon and as a result, after three months training, Kevin was the strongest he has ever been in his career.



Kevin Kung at the Asian Games 2014

Kevin can now achieve the following:

  • Dead lift: 100kg x 5
  • Front Squat: 60kg x 5 
  • Back Squat: 90kg x5
  • Neutral Chin ups: Body weight +12.5kg x 6
  • Barbell Bench Press: 70kg x 5

At the 2014 Asian Games Kevin made it to the 16th round of the tournament. He lost to the eventual winner of the championship, the representative from Kazakhstan.

It was the best performance for the Hong Kong team in many years.  We at RAW are very proud of Kevin and are privileged that we had the opportunity to play a part in his success.



The results and testimonials from clients shown on our website are the result of time spent following the exercise and nutrition plans set out by our Personal Trainers.  Results may vary between clients and cannot be guaranteed.

RAW Personal TrainingFascial Stretch Therapy helps Athlete Kevin Kung to competes at the 2014 Asian Games