Fitness during fasting

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Faiq Khan

Maintaining fitness while fasting can be challenging. One example of this is Ramadan. The 30-day fasting period during the Holy Month of Ramadan means refraining from consuming food and drink in the long hours from dawn until sunset.

During the Ramadan period, the average person gains fat due to overeating and the lack of exercise.

Faiq Khan Exercising During Ramdan


Faiq has been practicing Ramadan for 14 years and usually gains weight. Last year, he lost 3% body fat during Ramadan by applying these 5 basic fitness principles.


1. Strength train in order to increase muscle mass

3 days on inactivity and the body will lose muscle mass. Any loss of muscle will affect metabolism negatively.

Planning training during Ramadan takes skill and experience. Too much training volume will cause fatigue and lethargy during the day. Too little will lead to a loss of muscle and strength.

In order to optimize energy level during Ramadan, he trains 2 hours after his evening meal.

2. Maintain neutral energy balance

# 1 law of thermodynamics: Calories in vs Calories out. Even If you fast for 14-15 hours straight, if you eat more calories than you need during the night feeds, you will put on fat.

Faiq Khan Exercising During Ramdan

3. Nutrient density vs Calorie density

Consume foods that are high in nutrients yet low in calories.

Chicken, lean meats, Fish, fibrous vegetables, starchy carbs VS Donuts, ice cream, cookies, fast food, junk food

4. Maintain stable blood sugar levels

Stay away from foods that are high in simple sugars or high on the glycemic index list. Include Fiber and protein each meal.

Poor blood sugar management will lead to mental fatigue during the day.

5. Stay hydrated

Drink enough water whenever you can. Ensure that you have your bottle of mineral water always with you during the feeding window. Dehydration leads to brain fog and a host of other physical problems.


Faiq Khan Exercising During Ramdan

Faiq Khan Exercising During Ramdan

The goal of fasting is to teach patience, discipline, modesty & spirituality.

– Faiq Khan


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