Five reasons why women should lift weights

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Some women are scared of lifting weights. The reason for this fear is the myth that Weight lifting and resistance training would get them bulky and can cause injury. Some find weight lifting too harsh for the joints, but the original picture is entirely different.

Weight training under the supervision of an experienced Personal Trainer helps improve posture, gain lean muscle mass, improve metabolism and body composition.

Here are five reasons why women should lift weights:

Improves posture

Physical activity of weight lifting with protein intake can stimulate muscle building because exercise helps release hormones that promote muscles to intake more amino acids. It is the reason why training is needed to build and maintain strong muscles and bones.

Helps Weight Loss

The food we eat gives energy. This energy is utilized in digestion, breathing, exercising and maintaining a heartbeat.

When dieting too strictly the reduced calorie intake lowers your metabolic rate that in turn delays your weight loss process. On the other hand, when you exercise regularly and especially perform resistance training, it will increase your metabolic rate, increase the amount of fat you burn and help you lose weight.

Additionally, combining aerobic exercise with resistance training can increase the rate of fat loss and muscle-mass maintenance that is essential for long term weight loss

Bone and joint health

With increasing age, muscle mass decreases and metabolic functioning deteriorates. This can cause injuries and disabilities. If you do regular resistance training, it activates and strengthens the muscles around joints and bones and helps build bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

Reduced risk of chronic diseases

Inactivity or lack of exercise can lead to significant belly fat. This increases the risk of chronic illness, cardiovascular disease and type-two diabetes. Regular resistance training improves insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular fitness. This reason alone should be a good enough motivation to hire a Personal Trainer and make exercise a part of your daily routine.

Improved body composition

If you only perform cardiovascular and endurance activities, you may lose fat but you will lose muscle tissue as well. This will decrease your metabolism in the long term. Weight training will help you gain lean muscle, boost your metabolism and improve your posture.

Getting Started

We have discussed the advantages of weight training. Our Personal Trainers can help you lose body fat, build muscle and tone the targeted areas without the threat of injuries. You can also improve structural imbalances that can cause neck stiffness, back pain, knee pain as well as other joint pain.

Feel free to get in touch with one of our strength and conditioning coaches for a customized weight lifting training program.

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