From a “Skinny Model” to a “Massive Personal Trainer”

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Jeff was born in Brazil and moved to Hong Kong six years ago to pursue a modeling career. Four years ago he decided to change career and after gaining the required credentials and experience he became a Personal Trainer at Real Athletic Workouts (RAW).

He is now a very successful trainer with a waiting list of people who wish to train with him. Jeff does over 160 client sessions per month and is at the gym 10-12 hours per day. He strongly believes a trainer should “practice what they preach”.

In my 17 years personal training career, I have not come across many trainers with that amount of self-discipline. I recently sat down with Jeff to ask him some questions.

Jeremy:  How much muscle mass did you put on your frame since you started working at RAW?

Jeff:  When I started working at RAW I was 87kg. Now I am 103kg, having gained 16kgs over two years while keeping my body fat at around 8%. For a while I was stuck at 98 – 99 kg for maybe 6 months. My goal is to get to 110kg. *

Jeremy: What are your views on training for hypertrophy

Jeff:  Increasing muscle mass requires the following:

  • Shocking the muscles by using variation with exercise selection. Change the exercise angle/type/grip.
  • Always thrive to increase training the volume. Increase number of reps/sets with each workout.
  • Focus on improving the mind and muscle connection. Focus on activating the right muscles for the prescribed exercise.


Jeremy: What is your view on nutrition? 

Jeff:  My thoughts on nutrition are as follows.

  • Follow a Paleo style diet. Eat a lot of grass fed organic red meat and vegetables
  • Eat 5 meals a day and 2 protein shakes. I never count macros. I just eat until satisfied.
  • Never skip a meal. I eat every 3 to 4 hours and always have a protein shake before bed.

The key to nutrition for hypertrophy is consistency.


Jeremy: What is your view on supplementation?

Jeff:  When it comes to gaining muscle mass, good food is number one and training number two. Supplementation should be considered the “Icing on the cake”. Most people get the order wrong. I only use the following 3 supplements:

  • A High quality Whey protein. Don’t buy the cheap stuff, as it is usually full of “fillers”. Use a good brand like Bare Blends.
  • A good quality multi vitamin complex.
  • Pre workout. I use a combination of Arginine caffeine and Creatine.

Jeremy: What is your view on recovery?

Jeff:  Sleep quality/quantity is the most important as the body repairs itself while your sleep.

This is also when the body produces the main anabolic hormones Testosterone and Growth hormone so if you don’t sleep, you will not grow.



* The results and testimonials from clients shown on our website are the result of time spent following the exercise and nutrition plans set out by our Personal Trainers.  Results may vary between clients and cannot be guaranteed.

RAW Personal TrainingFrom a “Skinny Model” to a “Massive Personal Trainer”