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Busy Executive wants to Get Healthy & Improve his Lifestyle

Like many busy people in Hong Kong, finding time to focus on your health can be a challenge.

Before coming to RAW Personal Training, Matt had trained with several different personal trainers in Hong Kong but was disheartened by not achieving the goals he wanted, despite his efforts.

RAW Personal Training Gym Hong Kong - Matt Transformation

Many people in Hong Kong are overworked, highly stressed and sleep-deprived. We teach our clients ways to deal with these issues.

Matt came to RAW Personal Training still recovering from some injuries to his elbow and lower back. Despite the limitations in some movements, we modified his program to enable him to make progress and achieve his goal to Get Healthy & Improve his Lifestyle.

Get Healthy and Improve Your Lifestyle

We had Matt focus on a couple of things to start with and build from there:

Set mini-goals – realistic targets, given his lifestyle schedule and movement limitations to keep accountability.

Practice the perfect technique on movements – enabling him a foundation to build strength.

RAW Personal Training Gym Hong Kong - Matt Transformation

Once we had Matt’s training plans in place, we focused on his nutrition and lifestyle schedule. Within 3 months Matt lost 11% body fat.

RAW Personal Training Gym Hong Kong - Matt Transformation

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