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Ben Ward Transformation

Ben loses 6% body fat for his wedding day.

Ben is an Airline Captain. He has been training at RAW for 5 years now. Ben is very disciplined to begin with and maintains a body fat of around 12-13% year round.

For Ben, the goal was to get as lean as possible for his wedding.

Ben was 13.4% body fat in February and 7.4% in June.

We chalked out a simple strategy with five basic alterations for Ben in order to get him to 7.4% body fat:

1. Small calorie deficit

We analysed Ben’s maintenance calories through trial and error and created a very small daily deficit. 250 calories per day are easy to achieve and very sustainable whereas large deficits are emotionally stressful. Most people end up “crashing” and burn out after a few weeks.

2. Increase in training volume

In Ben’s case, we increased his training volume by 20%. At RAW, we keep a record of how much weight our clients are lifting every week. By adding 5 to 8 sets in every workout, we increased the training volume and weekly caloric expenditure of Ben.

3. Increased fiber intake

High fiber foods are low in calories, help keep you full and are high in nutrients. Including fiber at every meal will slow down the digestive process and help with blood sugar management

4. Increased water intake

Proper hydration reduces cravings, improves mental energy and helps in doing intense workouts. It helped Ben too. We increased his water intake to 3 liters per day, and he lost an initial 1.5% body fat just by fulfilling his daily water goal.

5. 10-3-2-1 approach

Improved quantity and quality of sleep helps in sustainable fat loss and adds to overall wellbeing. We asked him to follow a 10-3-2-1 approach for better quality and quantity of his sleep that worked enormously.

  • 10 hours before bed: No caffeine
  • 3 hours before bed: No food
  • 2 hours before bed: No work
  • 1 hour before bed: No screens

These were a few techniques by which Ben was able to achieve his fat loss goals in such a small time.
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