Gymnastic Bodies for Personal Trainers by Jeremy Meyer, PT

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Real Athletics Workouts (RAW) regularly organizes International-level seminars on health, nutrition and personal training programs. We like to help clients and trainers improve their knowledge with the latest developments happening in the fitness industry.
One such event was organized by RAW in which Gymnastic Bodies’ founder, Christopher Sommers, provided mobility and relative strength training during a two-day practical seminar. A former competitive Gymnast, Coach Sommers has been developing the national team in the USA for 40 years.

Naturally, this was an outstanding learning opportunity to experience a taste of how Olympic gymnasts train. Initial thoughts that sprang to mind – great backflips, handstands and the Iron Cross. And hoping for a chance to pick up some new skills I can apply or bring into our programs at RAW and to do on rest days.
The course delivered results but not in the way I expected. In two days Coach Sommers focused on the fundamentals and ways to achieve optimum relative strength and structural balance. There were many lessons for me as a Personal Trainer.

  1. I was not able to perform a majority of basic gymnastic practices – not because I lacked strength or ability but because my routine had failed to target the smaller supporting muscle groups, which allowed me to do exercises correctly
  2. The second reason was I lacked scapulae strength or mobility as well as shoulder range of movement to hold or achieve some of the basic movements
  3. I also learned how to achieve full range of motion (mobility) and body weight strength (relative strength) – this was very significant for me

Coach Sommers program delivers exercises that work on a progressive scale. This made me very keen to achieve the best I can within gymnastic ability.

The most significant benefit from gymnastic bodies during this seminar was learning a range of fresh techniques and exercises that I can share with my clients and all trainers at RAW and apply to their workouts when required. It helped me in getting a clearer physical picture of my clients. This includes not just more common goals such as strength training or losing weight – more traditional strength and conditioning practices, but also to address poor posture and a range of structural imbalances. This knowledge allowed my clients and me to achieve results faster .
We look forward to hosting more classes about nutrition, strength and conditioning, bodybuilding at RAW in Hong Kong in the future.
Send us an email at if you would like more information on the Gymnastic Bodies workshop and contact us at RAW to get notified for similar events in the future.


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RAW Personal TrainingGymnastic Bodies for Personal Trainers by Jeremy Meyer, PT