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Best Personal Trainer in Hong Kong, Jeremy Meyer, owner of RAW, helps Chris lose 8% body fat in 10 weeks and keep it off.

Chris suffered from chronic back pain for many months.  This was due to a combination of poor training technique, structural imbalance and not enough variety in his strength and conditioning routines.  These issues prevented him from reaching his full potential in terms of strength and body fat percentage.

By following personal trainer and owner of RAW Jeremy Meyer’s advice for just 10 weeks, Chris gained 6kgs of muscle mass, whilst achieving dramatic fat loss – by losing 7.5kgs of fat mass and 8% body fat in 10 weeks.

Chris previously could not maintain a body fat percentage below 6% on a long-term basis.  By following the structure and advice given by Jeremy, 12 weeks after the last day of his 10-week transformation, Chris still maintains 5% body fat.  At RAW, our motto is that a transformation is only valuable if the results are sustainable.

Before training with Jeremy, Chris had tried different types of training programs and had trained with many personal trainers.  While he was able to gain some muscle, strength or fat loss, he was never able to get his body fat below 8% without compromising muscle mass and strength, or getting injured and suffering from low energy levels and extreme cravings.

In May 2020, Chris decided to train with the owner of RAW, Jeremy Meyer. Jeremy is the founder and owner of RAW Personal Training in Central. RAW is the longest running personal training studio in Hong Kong. Jeremy has 22 years of experience working in the fitness industry and is considered the best trainer in Hong Kong.

As with all RAW clients, Chris underwent a thorough evaluation, and then a customized strength and conditioning routine was designed to help him achieve his goals and address his chronic back pain issues.  Jeremy took a phased approach, and the first 3 priorities addressed were:

1. Unilateral movements

During the initial phase of Chris’ transformation, we focused on unilateral movements to fix his left to right strength discrepancy.  Human beings are naturally not symmetrical, so it is generally acceptable to have up to 10% difference in strength from left to right.  However, poorly constructed training programs that are mainly based on bilateral movements can aggravate this discrepancy, thus causing shoulder, hip, knee or back pain.  It was clear this was the case for Chris during his initial assessment. Chris no longer suffers from chronic back pain.

2. Slower tempo and pause

Chris came from a power lifting background, which focuses on three movements (i.e. squat, bench press and dead lift) and lifting as much weight as possible for a 1 repetition maximum for each lift.  Due to the lack of exercise variety in power-lifting training programs and the repetitive movement pattern and contractile speed used, this often leads to performance plateaus and injuries.

With this knowledge and experience, Jeremy incorporated slower tempos and added pauses to certain exercises at a certain point in the range of motion, thereby resulting in more balanced strength gain.

3. Adjustments to macronutrients

After careful analysis of daily macronutrient intake, Jeremy observed that Chris was not consuming enough carbohydrates in order to optimize performance and recovery.  He was also consuming too many fat calories which was not optimal for him to reach a below 5% fat percentage.  Further, by adjusting the time and type of carbohydrates consumed, Chris was able to lose fat while gaining muscle as the same time.

The owner and manager of RAW, Jeremy Meyer, designed all training and nutrition programs.  Our partners Eatology, prepared and delivered meals to Chris’s home daily.  Eatology uses only organic and high-quality ingredients. They prepare meals according to individual macronutrient needs. They offer a great variety of options while still ensuring you meet your personal needs to reach optimal body fat percentage, high performance, health and satisfaction.

Chris lose 8% body fat in 10 weeks
Best Personal Trainer in Hong Kong

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