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Juerg was referred to me two and half years ago by a long term client of mine. Initially, I could tell he was a bit skeptical about our whole approach to strength training and nutrition. He had an open mind however and was willing to listen to what I was telling him.

In January 2012, I measured him at 24% body fat, 87kg body weight and 65kg lean mass *

Juerg strength trains 4 to 5 times per week alternating between high volume phases (volume based, high repetitions) and high intensity phases (intensity based, more weight, less repetitions). In May 2014, I measured him at 13.3% body fat, 91kg body weight and 79kg of lean mass (See Pictures). Juerg can also Front squat 130kg (Full depth), Back squat 150kg (Full Squat) Bench Press 110kg and Dead lift 200kg.



Juerg in 2014: 13.3% body fat, 91kg body weight and 79kg of lean mass


4 Questions I’ve asked Juerg recently:

1) What motivated you to change in the first place?

I grew up playing ice hockey so I always considered myself to be quite athletic. I thought I had a good knowledge of both strength training and nutrition.



Juerg playing in the CIHL for the Hong Kong Tycoons in 2012




However, when I first came into RAW I was very surprised to learn that my body fat percentage was 24%!! As a man, if your body fat is 25% or more, you are considered obese. I was what is commonly called “skinny fat”, that is, a skinny body with high body fat percentage and very little muscle mass. I was determined to change this.

During my first evaluation, Jeremy also took me through a ‘movement screen’ to assess my overall mobility. This allowed Jeremy to determine if I had any imbalances, weakness or difficulty with any particular movements before going forward with training. This first session made me realize just how tight and immobile I really was. It was a real wake up call. I really wanted to improve my mobility/flexibility, strength, power and body composition.

Since training at RAW, I have continued to play ice hockey, and have found strength training has greatly improved my game – I have much more power and speed on the ice.



Juerg in 2014: 13.3% body fat, 91kg body weight and 79kg of lean mass

2) Working in finance, you work very long hours, so how do you find the time to train?

Workouts are an integral part of my life, so I make it a priority by scheduling them just as I would schedule a meeting at work. I train 4 to 5 times per week, and I maintain this practice because I feel energized by it. I am more productive at work. My ability to concentrate, handle stress and work under pressure has improved greatly. I also don’t suffer any back, neck or shoulder pain commonly afflicting my colleagues who work similarly long hours at a desk in front of the computer. I don’t know how I lived without it for so many years.

Being mentally and physically fit as a result of strength training has also improved my work-life balance. I continue to enjoy playing ice hockey, and I have recently started dirt bike riding.



Juerg in 2014: 13.3% body fat, 91kg body weight and 79kg of lean mass


3) How has training at RAW kept you motivated to train consistently?

At RAW, all clients are tested and re-tested on a regular basis. For example, Jeremy will test:

  • Lower body and upper body maximum strength and power every 5 to 6 weeks.
  • Body composition (Ratio of fat mass to lean mass) once per week

It is very motivating to see consistent progress. Also, every single workout I perform in the gym is monitored and recorded in details. All my workouts are tailor-made.

Every few weeks Jeremy will make changes to the following: Exercise selection, tempo, rest periods.. That way, my body is always being pushed to adapt. These regular tests and modifications keep me psychologically and physically motivated. They force my body to make steady progress and prevent me from getting bored and stale.



Juerg in 2014: 13.3% body fat, 91kg body weight and 79kg of lean mass


4) What have you learned about nutrition since you’ve started at RAW and how has it helped you get to where you are now?

Strength training and nutrition go hand-in-hand. At first, I felt like I was overfeeding myself but I was still getting leaner. However, as not all foods are equal, food choice is important. RAW helps with this too, and Jeremy gave me a detailed nutrition plan to follow. In the past three years training at RAW, I have personally experienced the visual transformation and felt the benefits of increasing in muscle mass. Increasing my strength and muscle mass has not only made it easier to burn fat and get leaner consistently, it has improved and enhanced my activity levels outside of the gym.


“It caught me off-guard to learn that my body fat was 24% a remarkable 20kg of “dead” mass I had been carrying around every day. This was my “spark” and I decided that something had to happen. The question was what. I am neither the “dieting” type, nor did I actually want to loose weight. This is where Jeremy came in: he dialed in my nutrition and structured a workout program that would allow me to systematically improve my body composition and turn that fat into lean mass. No Zumba classes or other voodoo involved; just a few lifestyle changes combined with honest and hard work at the gym. This is probably the second best investment into myself after getting a proper education.” – Juerg



* The results and testimonials from clients shown on our website are the result of time spent following the exercise and nutrition plans set out by our Personal Trainers.  Results may vary between clients and cannot be guaranteed.

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