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Most personal training clients in Hong Kong are initially highly motivated at the beginning stages of their body transformations. During The first 2-4 weeks, the novelty factor of learning something new and the initial strength and body composition changes achieved with relatively small changes to lifestyle and nutrition provide motivation and training drive.

After the initial stage of training, many clients lose motivation due to boredom, repetitive programming and lack of progress. This is when it becomes important to be working with a trainer who can ensure that goals are set and monitored to keep you engaged and deliver variety into your sessions to ensure that your enthusiasm is maintained.

The price of hiring a personal trainer in Central Hong Kong can be high. Commercial gyms sell large packages. Fitness centers in Hong Kong rely on clients buying a large package of sessions and not using them all in order to make a profit.

Raw Personal training has been in business in Central, Hong Kong for 11 years. We have consistently produced successful transformations and results since we opened. For examples, check out our Body Transformations section here.

In order to keep our clients motivated on a daily basis, we focus on the following steps:

Set a long term goal (3 months) and a short term goal (4 weeks).

We re-assess our client’s body composition, mobility and strength on a monthly basis. We can then make adjustments to their training and nutritional programs. This helps them stay on track.

Take progress photos every 4 weeks.

A picture tells a thousand words. It is great to see numbers improving but even better to see actual visual changes. Pictures are private and do not get published without our client’s consent.

Maintain a detailed training journal.

Our RAW personal training software allows us to track every single detail of every personal training session. We expect our clients to improve slightly every session. Even a 1% strength improvement per session will lead to great improvements over 10-12 weeks.

Add variety to every session:

There are a dozen ways to perform the same exercise. At Raw, we use different grip size, thickness and type. We change the tempo or speed of the movement. We also include pauses at the weakest point of the strength curve. Variety will provide a different physiological stimulus and keep you from getting bored.

Every 3-5 weeks, vary the number of repetitions you perform every set. Most gym users do the same number of repetitions every set for years. This leads to staleness and boredom. At Raw Personal training, we vary the stimulus every 4-6 weeks.

We focus on muscle building for 4 weeks then transfer to a strength phase for 4 weeks.

This variation in programming helps keep our clients motivated.

Following these 4 key steps will ensure that there is always something to refer to or strive towards and a level of enthusiasm maintained. Working with a dedicated personal trainer like the team at Raw is a great way to ensure that these steps are delivered and that you can continue to be motivated to exercise daily.

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