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A pilot in the international airline, Ricky had to travel constantly. Eating at odd hours, the jet lag and long hours of traveling caused him to put on some unhealthy fat. 3 months ago He started following RAW’s personal training program and nutrition advice. In just three months, things changed, and he was able to lose a considerable amount of body fat.
Here are some questions we asked Ricky about RAW and it’s Personal Trainers:

1-Jeremy: Who introduced you to RAW Personal Training?

Ricky: One of my friends was a regular client at RAW. I was impressed to see his body transformation. It inspired me to join RAW as I wanted to achieve similar results for my myself.



The Transformation of Ricky Yau


2-Jeremy:  How was your Personal Trainer able to motivate you to do some extremely tough workouts?

Ricky: My trainer was aware of my strengths and weaknesses. He supported and encouraged me, especially when I got exhausted from work.  From the initial stages of training, he was intensively involved and monitored every move. He was also concerned about my performances and helped me improve and perform better every session

3-Jeremy:  What about other outdoor activities?

Ricky:  When I had enough time I ran or rode my bicycle. My trainer modified my workout and nutrition plan accordingly accounting for of my regular outdoor activities.

4-Jeremy:  You as a client of RAW have shown amazing results in terms of lean muscle gain and fat loss. What advice will you give to our readers and audience?

Ricky: Eat Right and Sleep Tight. Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are finished. Get a great trainer and put in the effort yourself.



Strength training


5-Jeremy:  Did you train with any other trainer before training with a trainer at RAW?

Ricky: Before RAW, I had joined other gyms in Hong Kong and overseas, but I found trainers at RAW to be exceptional. I dedicate my transformation to my trainer’s “tailored approach” framed according to my unique body chemistry and goals. I’m also impressed with constant attention and professionalism from my trainer during each session. This allowed me to remain safe, pain free and injury free. My trainer used to monitor my performances and modified my workout routine according to my progress.

6-Jeremy:  What would you say the best thing about training at RAW has been for you?

Ricky: While working with a trainer at RAW, I always felt special. There was an initial assessment of my body, my lifestyle, and my habits. I wasn’t just another guy on the treadmill. My trainer worked hard to help me get fit and help me attain results. He pushed me hard for significant outcomes under his keen observation to avoid any injuries. Facilities at RAW are outstanding and unparalleled.


* The results and testimonials from clients shown on our website are the results of time spent following the exercise and nutrition plans set out by our Personal Trainers.  Results may vary between clients and cannot be guaranteed.


RAW Personal TrainingLose Body Fat and Gain Muscle Mass