Nicolas loses 11% body fat in 4 months by hiring a personal trainer and nutritionist in Central Hong Kong

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RAW Transformation Front 25 to 14 percent body fat reduction

Nicolas is a family man and works as a lawyer.  His body fat percentage was over 25%. He was told by his doctor that he was technically obese and therefore at a high risk of getting heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Nick found RAW when searching for personal training gym and nutritionist in Central Hong Kong.

Nick was looking for a private gym that would offer body transformations focusing on fast and sustainable fat loss.

In 16 weeks Nick achieved the following results

  • He lost 7 kg’s of fat mass
  • Gained 4kg’s of muscle mass
  • He went from being technically obese (25%) to lean (14%) body fat

He did by applying these 3 basic changes:

  1. He strength train 3 times per week. Nick only had 3 hours per week to commit towards training.

Strength training will:

  • Build strength and muscle mass which will raise your metabolism 24/7
  • Improve tolerance to stress, improve sleep quality and increase daily energy levels.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  1. He Followed our customised strength training program.

Our programs are designed according to the following factors:

  • Training experience
  • Weak links and structural imbalances
  • Time frame for achieving goals
  • Previous/current injuries and recurring aches and pains


  1. He Followed our individually designed nutrition plan.

Our nutrition plans and meal delivery program are written according to these individual variables:

  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Macro nutrient needs (Protein, Carbs, Fat,)
  • Caloric needs for weekly fat loss and minimum stress
  • Food preference and taste.

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RAW Personal TrainingNicolas loses 11% body fat in 4 months by hiring a personal trainer and nutritionist in Central Hong Kong