Busy executive manages lifestyle to get healthy and in shape

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Matt Cross Training
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Like many busy people in Hong Kong, finding time to focus on your health can be a challenge.

Before coming to RAW Personal Training, Matt had trained with several different personal trainers in Hong Kong, but was disheartened by not achieving the goals he wanted, despite his efforts.


Matt Cross Front Side

Many people in Hong Kong are overworked, highly stressed and sleep deprived.

We teach our clients ways to deal with these issues.

Matt came to RAW Personal Training still recovering from some injuries to his elbow and lower back. Despite the limitations in some movements, we modified his program to enable him to make progress.


We had him focus on a couple of things:

  1. Set mini goals – realistic targets given his lifestyle schedule and movement limitations to keep accountability

  2. Practice perfect technique on movements – enabling him a foundation to build strength


Matt Weight Training

Once we had Matt’s training plans in place, we focused on his nutrition and lifestyle schedule. Within 3 months Matt lost 11% body fat.


Matt’s typical day:

5:45am: Wake up

1 large glass of lemon water and pink salt

6:00am: Conference call

6:30am: Breakfast

Black coffee, 150g white meat, 300g of green veggies

7:00am: Get my oldest daughter dressed, make her breakfast and get her ready for school

7:30am-10:45am Work

11am-12pm: Training at RAW Personal Training

 (Focusing on high volume and short rest periods)

Post workout shake: 50g carbs, 50g whey mixed

12:30pm: Lunch at work

200g of Salmon, 50g brown rice, veggies

12:30pm to 4:00pm: Work

4:00pm: 3rd meal of the day

150 grams of white meat and 300 grams of green veggies

7:30pm: Family time at home. Dinner

Fish or lean red meat, 200g of sweet potato

9:30pm: Pre-bed supplements (Magnesium and Gabba)

10:00pm: Bed time

Matt Cross Dumble Training



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RAW Personal TrainingBusy executive manages lifestyle to get healthy and in shape