Mother of two changes lifestyle to improve health

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Eleni Personal Training

Eleni gained quite a bit of weight during her second pregnancy. She came to RAW Personal Training looking to change her lifestyle in order to improve her health. By following our structure, she was able to lose 11% body fat and 10kg. She is now at a weight she hadn’t been since she was first married.

Between pregnancies Eleni did a combination of fitness classes (spin, body pump, yoga) but was not motivated and often cancelled classes at the last-minute due to the demands from balancing work and home commitments.

Eleni Front TransformationEleni Back Transformation


At RAW Personal Training we keep clients accountable to their goals. One of Eleni’s challenges was sticking to a meal plan. Jay, her trainer, was never hard on her even when she didn’t follow her plan. However, he checked in with her at the start of each week to see how strictly she had been following her meal plan and whether or not she was happy with the progress that week.

Eleni was previously making many errors with her weight training technique.  She was constantly getting injured and experiencing back pain. Jay had her start from scratch and now she is injury free, lifting much heavier than she ever thought she could. Eleni virtually has no back pain now and does not need to see the physio anymore.


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What advice would you give to another woman in your situation?

1. Find a trainer who will keep you motivated

Being a working mum meant that I had so many reasons to not exercise but Jay regularly checked in with me to make sure I stayed on track and achieved these results.

2.Prepare your meals at home

Before creating my meal plan, I was often eating out and had no idea how many poor choices I was making and how many hidden ingredients there were in the food I was buying. By preparing my meals at home I finally had full control of my diet.

3.Achieve your goals at your own pace

I was looking for a complete lifestyle change, rather than an unsustainable “12 week” crash diet and exercise plan. By doing things at a sustainable pace I was able to implement fundamental and permanent changes into my lifestyle.


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RAW Personal TrainingMother of two changes lifestyle to improve health