New Mom Gets Super Fit in 10 Weeks Flat

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“Annabel had given birth recently to her second child. She wanted to get back in shape with the primary aim of losing fat. I measured her at 18% body fat and 65.7kg body weight when she joined RAW.

She started with a full workout 4 times a week. For an additional 2 days a week she did high-intensity interval training (HIIT) (e.g., sprints, cycling, rowing) for about 20 minutes.

After 8 weeks of personal training at RAW, the results she achieved were quite encouraging as her body fat reduced to 13.6% and 63.5kg was the body weight.”



18% body fat and 65.7kg body weight (before photo)


She lost an amazing 5kg’s of fat mass and gained 3kg’s of lean mass in 8 weeks

“The nutrition guide was planned in this way. Her caloric intake was 1700 on workout days whereas it was 1400 on rest days. Protein and fat intake did not change. Carbohydrate intake was kept higher on workout days. The rate of fat loss and metabolism increased with the increase in training volume.”

Annabel’s Interview with Jeremy

Question 1: Tell us about your daily routine.

Since I had to go for training twice a day, I required a little bit of extra discipline with my schedule. I did not want to sacrifice my quality time with my children, and this was made possible with the help of my Personal Trainer.

On twice-per-day training days my typical schedule would be:

  • 6 am – Wake up and have breakfast
  • 7 am – Train with the Personal Trainer
  • 8 am – Post workout shake
  • 8am-5pm with my kids
  • 1 pm – Lunch
  • 4 pm – Shake
  • 5 PM Second training session with the Personal Trainer or individual training
  • 8 pm Dinner
  • 10 pm Bed



13.6% body fat at 63.5kg body weight (after photo)


Question 2: What did you learn from training with the Personal Trainers at RAW?

Having played tennis at the national level in the UK, I considered myself quite competitive. At the gym, I came to know about my problem which was a lack of efficiency and a lack of knowledge when it came to strength training.

While training with my trainer at RAW, I was able to see better results quickly. The reason could be my trainer’s strictness, consistency and focus on techniques especially in later sets of exercises which were harder for me. His constant monitoring ensured I was performing well to reach the max out of each workout.

My trainer had great knowledge about my workouts. It was his constant monitoring that made me perform challenging exercises efficiently. He emphasized on repeated exercises instead of variations which gave me the satisfaction that I was working harder on each session.

Overtraining never bothered me thanks to an impeccable programming of my trainer. He regularly inspected my performance and physique that ultimately contributed to my fitness success.



13.6% body fat at 63.5kg body weight (after photo)


Question 3: What did you learn about nutrition and supplementation at RAW?

At RAW, I got to know that the “macronutrients” (amount of protein, carbs, and fat) I consumed were not optimal for fat loss. Since I had easily lost the weight after the birth of my first child. I was expecting the same results. Jeremy told me there is something wrong with my diet as it was too calorific and had the wrong balance of macros. He prepared a diet plan for me that included the right amount of macronutrients and certain supplements. This guidance on proper diet allowed me to train and sleep better and I also started to get leaner.



13.6% body fat at 63.5kg body weight (after photo)


Question 4: How did you manage the time to workouts and organizing meals?

My transition from one child to two was very demanding. I thank RAW for this as I had the liberty to organize my training times in advance that best suited my daily schedule. I also preplanned my meals and supplements precisely as suggested by my trainer.

The second challenge was energy and sleep. With two young kids, for a few weeks, I wasn’t sleeping well as they were awake all night. Thankfully the problem did not persist for long, and soon I was able to sleep properly. My training sessions and changes to nutrition made me sleep even better.

Question 5: What would your advice to someone trying to get leaner?

Precise and individually designed nutrition has a great relationship with weight management and fat loss Understand it correctly and stick to “healthy” foods only. Work hard in the gym. Give your 100% to workouts.



* The results and testimonials from clients shown on our website are the results of time spent following the exercise and nutrition plans set out by our Personal Trainers. Results may vary between clients and cannot be guaranteed.

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