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Nicolas loses 11% body fat in 4 months with Personal Training and Nutrition Planning

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Nick found RAW Personal Training when searching for a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Central Hong Kong. Nicolas is a family man and works as a lawyer.  His body fat percentage was over 25%. His doctor told him that he was technically obese and therefore at a high risk of getting heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Nick was looking for a private gym that would offer body transformations focusing on fast and sustainable fat loss.

In 16 weeks, Nick achieved the following results

He lost 7 kg’s of fat mass

Gained 4kg’s of muscle mass

He went from being technically obese (25%) to lean (14%) body fat

He did this by applying these three basic changes to his lifestyle:

He strength trains 3 times per week.

Because of his family and work obligations, Nick only had 3 hours per week to commit to training, so it was important to ensure that he got results. At RAW, we know that Strength training will:

Build strength and muscle mass, which will raise your metabolism 24/7.

Improve tolerance to stress, improve sleep quality and increase daily energy levels.

Strengthen your immune system.

He followed our customised strength training program.

At RAW, our Personal Trainer and Nutrition Planning programs are designed according to the following factors:

Your training experience and if you have worked out in a gym before.

Any Weak links or structural imbalances you may have.

The time frame you wish to achieve goals.

Any previous or current injuries you may have.  Anything that may slow your progress, such as recurring aches and pains.

We customise the Personal Training and Nutrition Planning Program around You.

Raw Personal Training and Nutrition Planning

Our individually designed nutrition plan.

It is written according to these individual variables for each person:

Food allergies and sensitivities

Macronutrient needs – such as Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats.

Caloric needs for weekly fat loss and minimum stress.

Food preference and taste.

We want every client at RAW to succeed and achieve their fitness goals.

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