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Personal Training After He Beat Cancer – 13kgs of Fat Loss

After he Beat Cancer Tay Wanted to Get Fit Again.

Tay was always physically active for most of his life. He did a combination of running, cycling, and weight training once to twice per week and considered himself a “casual gym attendee”. His expectations in terms of results were low, and his physique never changed.

He did not put any pressure on himself to attain any specific goals going to the gym. He ate whatever he wanted to and did not think twice about the importance of good nutrition and lifestyle.

Then in September 2014, Tay life changed completely when he was diagnosed with stage four Lymphoma.

“Being diagnosed with cancer was the hardest news I ever had to digest. I had to get chemotherapy immediately. The chemo made me extremely tired for months. As a side effect of Chemotherapy, I lost all of my muscle mass. I had to lie in bed for days a time. During my treatment, I was in so much pain and discomfort that I actually wanted to die.”

RAW Personal Training Gym Hong Kong - Tay beat cancer

“Going through such a difficult time gave me a different perspective on life. I told myself that if I came out of this alive, I would not take my body for granted anymore and would take care of myself better.”

Fortunately, the treatment worked, and Tay was able to beat cancer. Three months after finishing his chemo treatment, he was cleared to go back to the gym. He was looking for a fitness centre in Hong Kong that would focus on strength and conditioning workouts plus deliver noticeable and sustainable results.

Tay heard about RAW from two of his friends. He had never worked out with a personal trainer before joining RAW Personal Training.

The Experience

“During my initial assessment at Raw, my trainer spent the 75 min session gathering information about my goals, exercise and health history, body composition, mobility and movement efficiency. This made me feel special and motivated me to keep training.”

“Since I beat cancer I have achieved more results training at Raw for three months than I have training on my own at a commercial gym for 5 years! “

RAW Personal Training Gym Hong Kong - Tay beat cancer

The Results

• Tay lost a total of 13kg’s of fat mass during his 3 months transformation.
• From 0 to 5 chin-ups in 3 months.
• From struggling to do a bodyweight squat to squatting 80 kgs.
• From struggling to do a single push-up to bench pressing 65 kg’s
• From constant back pain to being able to deadlift 80 kg’s pain-free

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