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Jeremy Meyer, February 6, 2020

Gain muscle and lose fat in 14 days

During the initial consultations with all potential clients, the main questions that 95% ask me are how long will it take for them to start noticing changes in terms of: Looking better: - fat loss and muscle gain Feeling better:  - Increased energy,

Jeremy Meyer, January 15, 2020

How Often Should You Train? – Matt’s 8-week Transformation

How Often Should You Train? Matt lost 10% body fat in 8 weeks by increasing training frequency and following a bodybuilding workout program designed by Jeremy Meyer, Founder and Manager of RAW Personal Training. Matt followed a bodybuilding workout program

Jeremy Meyer, December 11, 2019

Keep Motivated for Daily Exercise | RAW Personal Training

Most personal training clients in Hong Kong are initially highly motivated at the beginning stages of their body transformations. During The first 2-4 weeks, the novelty factor of learning something new and the initial strength and body composition changes achieved

Jeremy Meyer, September 2, 2019

Hong Kong Raw Personal training client’s 3 Months Fat Loss Transformation | RAW Personal Training

This client was looking for a Fat Loss Transformationsfor as she wanted to fit into her wedding dress.  She had 3 months to transform her body. Her main goals were: Lose 10% body fat in 12 weeks Improve muscle tone

Jeremy Meyer, July 15, 2019

The best strength and conditioning workouts for beginners

If you are new to fitness training and are looking for the most efficient way to achieve your fitness goals, it can be quite confusing nowadays as there is an enormous quantity of information available online about strength and conditioning

Jeremy Meyer, July 2, 2019

The 5 Essential Things To Look For Before Joining a Gym In Hong Kong

Before Joining a Gym in Hong Kong As of July 2019, there are over 35 fitness centres in Central Hong Kong. Personal training commercial gyms and group class studios are opening up every month. These new businesses offer a wide

Jeremy Meyer, December 28, 2018

Sofia’s Transformation Journey

Sofia started training at Raw as she wanted to get in shape for her wedding day. She had been looking for a Personal Trainer in Hong Kong and had read positive reviews about RAW's Transformation Success with other clients. By focusing

Jeremy Meyer, November 13, 2018

How many repetitions per set should I do to achieve my goals?

Most people don’t achieve the results they aim for due to the following 5 reasons: They use the same repetitions scheme for months or years. This leads to staleness and boredom. They use too much variety. Example: 5 reps per

Jeremy Meyer, October 22, 2018

Maximise Success with Our Personal Trainers at RAW

One on One Personal Trainers Many of our clients tell us that when they have hired One on One Personal Trainer from another gym they did not achieve the goals they initially set for themselves. This is often due to

Jeremy Meyer, October 10, 2018

Personal Training After He Beat Cancer – 13kgs of Fat Loss

After he Beat Cancer Tay Wanted to Get Fit Again. Tay was always physically active for most of his life. He did a combination of running, cycling, and weight training once to twice per week and considered himself a "casual

Jeremy Meyer, September 26, 2018

Better Vegan Nutrition & Strength Training Leads To 8kg’s Fat Loss in 12 weeks.

Better Vegan Nutrition Gabo had been physically active all her life. She had been searching for a Personal Trainer and found RAW by doing an online search. She needed help with a better Vegan nutrition plan for strength training and

Jeremy Meyer, August 23, 2018

Injury Recovery through Personal Training leads to 11.5% body fat loss in three months.

Increasing strength for a sustainable lifestyle Before Mike came to RAW Personal Training he had used many different gyms and trainers in Hong Kong. He had suffered on and off from lower back pain and tightness for several years. He

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