Personal Training in Hong Kong leads to 11.5% body fat loss and injury rehabilitation in 3 months

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Mike's Front Side


Mike Front Side

Mike's Back Side


Increasing strength for a sustainable lifestyle

Before RAW, Mike had used many personal trainers in Hong Kong. He had suffered on and off from lower back pain and tightness for several years. He had hired personal trainers in Hong Kong who taught him yoga, Crossfit and pilates all which helped with his flexibility, mobility and general fitness. However, the pain and tightness still persisted.

Mike had heard about RAW Personal Training in Hong Kong from an ex colleague.

He met with one of the RAW personal trainer Jeremy who took him through an initial fitness assessment.

After the initial assessment. His personal trainer Jeremy determined that Mikes 12 week goals would be:

  • Reduce his body fat by 10% in 12 weeks by following RAW’s step by step nutritional advice.
  • Completely get rid of his back pain by using RAW’s injury rehabilitation program.
  • Mike had many energy dips and valleys in regards to his energy levels throughout the day. He wanted to address this. RAW personal training in Hong Kong would provide sound nutritional advice in order to address this issue.


RAW’s educational experience

During his sessions at RAW, Mike learnt that structural imbalances are major strength discrepancies between the left and right side or the front and back of your body.

The tightness he always experienced was more a result of muscle weakness and the body having to compensate in other areas.

This put undue strain on the back. Increasing strength in the right areas and focusing on injury rehabilitation would be key for addressing these structural imbalances.


“It was a humbling experience being told not to squat! Jeremy noticed structural imbalances and regressed my training to address these issues as a priority”


By following RAW’s systematic approach to training, lifestyle , nutritional advice and injury rehabilitation, Mike was able to address the structural balance issues and has relieved his back pain and tightness.

In addition to increasing strength, Mike lost 11.5% body fat.



RAW Personal TrainingPersonal Training in Hong Kong leads to 11.5% body fat loss and injury rehabilitation in 3 months