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Personal Training

At Real Athletic Workouts we use a combination of strength and energy system training in conjunction with scientific nutritional advice in order to help our clients reach their personal fitness goals.

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Fascial Stretch Therapy

FST™ massage is the perfect complement to your exercise and health regimen. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or a work-at-home parent, FST™ assists in the maintenance and structural integrity of the body and can improve health and wellness.

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Structural Balance

A structural balance assessment with one of our trainers will aid in finding out what has been holding you back. Whether it is a weak untrained rotator cuff muscle or an inactive knee stabiliser, we can help you fix it and fulfil your true strength potential.

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Nutritional Advice

Every client of RAW Personal Training gets a customized nutrition plan. Our focus is making our clients the healthiest and leanest they have ever been. We design each plan individually according to the client’s goals

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Biosignature Modulation

If you have had trouble in the past with weight loss, it could be because of an imbalance in your body’s biochemistry, specifically a hormone imbalance. Our Biosignature packages include caliper measurements, analysis, re-measuring, and a complete nutritional, supplement and exercise program.

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