Strength Training for Boxing

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The majority of people who box or kick box for fitness or competition neglect the importance of proper strength training.  Many boxing and kickboxing coaches out there are exactly that, coaches for a technical sport who don’t grasp the concepts and science of strength training principles.

Most people who have boxed for more than a few years have suffered from shoulder or low back pain due to imbalanced training regime, as with most sports. On top of the actually boxing, the copious amounts of repetitive push-ups and crunches every workout creates and exaggerates the issues the general population already deal with. Structural imbalances including rounded shoulder from tight pecs and back pain due to tight hip flexors, from improper “core training”.

Packing a Punch

By following a carefully designed strength training program that focuses on structural balance, athletes can correct these issues while generating more strength and power into the punch.

For people who box, it is usually the rotator cuff and antagonist muscles involved in throwing the punch that are often neglected in training. This can result in strains or rotator cuff tears, which can set you back weeks or months in your training program.

The Posterior Chain

Also the lack of training the posterior chain, which is a primary source of power generation in most sports can contribute to low back pain and lack of explosive power. You are only as strong as the weakest link.

The next issue is the strength qualities that are needed for explosive power, are generally never touched in this environment as well. Most uneducated boxing coaches will tell you that lifting heavy makes you “big and slow” which is not true if trained correctly.

Being as strong as possible in relative strength, which is your strength for your body mass. Will be of great assistance when you’re boxing the same size individual, inflicting more damage when you land a punch. Lifting heavy with proper periodization and programming will increase your overall strength and power, and that is what you need for a knockout punch.

Whether you box for fun or are looking to step into the ring to compete. Ensuring you follow a proper strength program will assist you preventing injuries, increasing your strength and power. This could be the deciding factor in that big white collar fight!

Our trainer Jared Pearson has travelled the world to learn from some of the top boxing and MMA coaches in the world. He has trained champion boxers, Muay Thai fighters and MMA fighters in Vancouver, Canada.

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