Adeline’s 5 Months sustainable transformation

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Adeline Weight Lift Training

Before joining RAW Personal Training, Adeline spent months working out with a personal trainer in Hong Kong without achieving any results to show for.  Her trainer did not follow any particular long term plan to help her achieve her goals. He mainly focused on “cardio” type exercises with little emphasis on strength training, nutrition and lifestyle.

Adeline felt bored, frustrated and ready to for a change.

  1. She was not getting any return for the time, energy and monetary investment she was making towards her health.
  2. She was demotivated because of the lack of progress and fat loss.
  3. Adeline was bored with the lack of variety in the program.

Adeline’s 3 main goals were:

  1. Visible Fat loss.
  2. Gain strength, improve movement efficiency and mobility.
  3. Regain excitement towards exercise and find a sustainable program.

There are many fitness centres in Hong Kong that offer 1 on 1 training. It can be misleading as many of them make promises based on unrealistic goals and expectations.

After shopping around for a trainer she decided to train with us at RAW personal training in Central Hong Kong.

She liked the emphasis on:

  • Customised strength training and nutrition programing.
  • Sustainable results.
  • The step by step and goal oriented approach.

“It was intimidating at first with all the fit trainers and clients in the gym. However, everyone is approachable, friendly. and most of all, knowledgeable.” Adeline


Adeline Chin Front Side


How has RAW helped you with managing your stressful days?

Although the beginning was really tough, I am mentally stronger now and my trainer was always encouraging but firm. He was always committed to my goals and kept me on track.

Over the past 6 months Adeline’s colleagues and family have seen a significant change. She is looking leaner, healthier, and fitter, and more energized.

Adeline Chin Back Side


Adeline like many in Hong Kong need to juggle work and home life with children. She was looking for a sustainable lifestyle change that involved a program and diet that was steady and realistic.

“I was tempted to do a four-week transformation program that were offered by other gyms but in the end, I am glad I did not succumb as have read about people not being able to achieve or maintain their goals.”


Adeline Chin Dumble Training


What suggestions would you make to women who would like to make a similar change in their health and fitness?

  1. Have a clear objective in mind
  2. Make sure you find the right program that supports your goals and track your progress weekly. Expect weekly changes.
  3. Find a trainer who understands and stays committed to you, in a gym that facilitates that. I am thankful that I have found it.


Adeline Chin Dumble Training

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RAW Personal TrainingAdeline’s 5 Months sustainable transformation