Taking It To The Next Level – Annie Hon’s Latest Transformation

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RAW Personal Training - Annie Hon

Annie has recently gone through another transformation over 16 weeks in order to take her body fat down to 6%.  In her previous transformation, over 10 weeks Annie went from 22.6% to 14.6% body fat.

You can read about her total body transformation and see more beautiful photos of Annie here.

I sat down with Annie, as I was curious to find how she did it.


Annie Hon - Before & After

The Transformation of Annie Hon


If you could pinpoint 3 main reasons why you were able to get so lean in your latest 16-week transformation, what would they be?


I have just finished a Functional Medicine Course (FDN).

I have applied much of the knowledge I have learned in the course in order to get leaner/stronger but also to feel better in the process.

The 2 main things I have applied from the course are as follows:

I followed a strict elimination diet as I realised I had quite a few food intolerances. By getting rid of the foods I was sensitive to, I was able to sleep better, handle stressful days better and have more energy to train and work. It also made a drastic difference in how quickly I was able to lose fat around stubborn areas such as my mid section and lower body.

I took care of my adrenals. Hong Kong is a stressful place. I did almost 170 personal training sessions last month while still following a strict nutrition plan and training 8 to 10 times per week. I did a saliva stress hormones test and realised one of the main reasons why I felt lethargic and unable to lose fat was because my circadian rhythm was completely out of whack.

I used supplementation for adrenal support and made some lifestyle changes in order to optimise sleep , rest and recovery which helps me better manage stressful days.

I had to make certain lifestyle changes and follow a tailored supplementation protocol in order to optimise my sleep, rest and recovery.

Most people misinterpret “Intensity” in terms of working out in the gym. They train with high density but low intensity. They perform way too much low quality work (poor technique) or using weights that are too light. They consistently “go for the burn” instead of focusing on making long-term strength gains.

RAW Personal Training - Annie Hon

When it comes to fat loss and gaining muscle mass making consistent strength gains is extremely underrated.

I knew I had to get stronger and maintain my lean mass when dieting so I included training using lower repetition range, heavy weights and longer rest period, in addition to high density programs. I used the same protocol for my energy system work and sometimes rested up to 4 min between sprints on the track. My programs varied over the 16 weeks, consisting of 4-6 weight lifting sessions and 3-4 energy system/interval sessions.



Thank you very much for your time Annie and congratulations, you look amazing.

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RAW Personal TrainingTaking It To The Next Level – Annie Hon’s Latest Transformation