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Rob Fogerty

Personal Trainer

Rob Fogerty

Rob is a personal trainer who gained valuable experience in personal training and learned the importance of building relationships with clients to achieve their fitness goals from working at David Lloyd’s Leisure in Brighton Marina, UK.

Afterwards, Rob relocated to Hong Kong to pursue his coaching career. He currently plays rugby for Société and Générale Valley Rugby Club in the Hong Kong Premiership. Rob is also engaged with the Philippine Men’s National 7’s team and has participated in the 2019 Hong Kong 7’s and 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou. He takes pride in motivating clients through a comprehensive and diligent approach, encouraging them to train safely and make consistent progress in each session.

Rob’s philosophy on strength training and overall health is centred around longevity. This perspective has developed through collaboration with colleagues who share this focus. Rob emphasises the importance of fundamental health principles that support an individual’s lifestyle. He compares investing in one’s health and fitness to building a solid foundation, emphasising the significance of sustainable habits for long-lasting benefits. Rob believes in simplicity and prioritising mastery of the basics for positive results.

Rob genuinely cares about his clients and creates a positive environment for them in each session. He understands the challenges of life, family, and work and aims to make the most of each session. In the future, his clients will remember how he made them feel, rather than what he said or did, which he brings to every session.

Favourite Food

Ribeye Steak

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Favourite Quote

“I trained 4 years to run 9 seconds, and people give up when they don’t see results in 2 months.” – Usain Bolt

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