Ben rehabilitates a torn ACL and loses 11% body fat in the process by using strength and conditioning workouts

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Ben James Front Side


Ben James Front Side
Ben tore his ACL ligament playing touch rugby. He let himself go and lost motivation to exercise after the injury. After training at RAW for 3 months, he can sprint, jump and is completely pain free. He also lost 11% body fat in the process.

Ben did his fat loss transformation in our Central Hong Kong studio.

Because of his background in Rugby, we focused on strength and conditioning workouts with Ben. 

His 3 main goals were: 

1) Rehabilitate and strengthen his knee.

 2) Gain strength and muscle mass.

3) Lose body fat.

After 3 months of physical athletic training at RAW, Ben achieved the following:

  • Lost 7 kg’s of fat.
  • Gained 5 kg’s of muscle.
  • Went from 20% to 9% body fat.
  • He was initially unable to perform a body weight squat and can now squat 100kg’s.

We recently sat Ben down and asked him about his experience at RAW Personal Training.

“I trained at RAW Personal Training for 3 months.
I always assumed I knew what I was doing when it came to nutrition and strength training until I started training at RAW.

Ben James Recovery From ACL Ligament Injury

The following are the four take away messages I picked up from training at RAW:

1) Achieve and maintain adequate mobility.

Trainers at RAW assess your mobility every couple of weeks and prescribe specific strength training movements accordingly.
I believe the lack of mobility and range of motion in my ankles and hips were the main cause for injuring my ACL.

2) Rectify any strength discrepancies.

I had major strength discrepancies I was not aware of. My hamstrings were very weak and I was very quad dominant. I understand now that this caused my knee joints to be much more injury prone due to a lack of stability.

3) Make the plan flexible.

Accept the fact that sometimes life gets in the way. I wanted to achieve noticeable results but I wanted to have a social life as well.

Sometimes I had a drink or two on the weekends. Although my trainer never condoned the behaviour, he did not shame me and treated me like an adult. We just worked on getting back on track and moved on.

4) Have a professional trainer write a customized and individualized strength training and nutrition program for you.

I see trainers in other gyms guessing or doing “cookie cutter” programs with their clients. Trainers at RAW take each client through a detailed assessment before designing individualized plans.
I wanted to achieve long term and sustainable results, not a quick and unrealistic transformation. The team at RAW understood this. They have a very straight forward and honest approach with their clients. They kept me accountable, and it worked for me.

We took the last transformation photo four months ago and my body fat is still currently 9%. I have not rebounded and have in no way felt like bingeing and splurging. I feel amazing!!”

Ben J.

Transformation Photo, Ben J. picked up strength and conditioning workouts training at RAW

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RAW Personal TrainingBen rehabilitates a torn ACL and loses 11% body fat in the process by using strength and conditioning workouts