The 6-12-25 physical training method for athletes will help you lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously.

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Image, The 6-12-25 Physical Training Method For Athletes For Lose Fat & Gain Muscle

There are many gyms in Hong Kong that cater to the expatriate community. The average price of a personal trainers in Hong Kong can vary drastically.  Many gyms in Hong Kong charge a high price for personal training however they do not deliver the results they initially promise.

What sets RAW personal training apart from other gyms are the following facts:

  • We have been in business for over 10 years
  • We have proven results
  • In order to make sure our clients achieve the goals they initially set for themselves, we constantly challenge them by using different training methods
  • The physical training methods we use are well proven and were originally designed for the athletic population

Once our clients have achieved a certain foundation in regards to work capacity, mobility and movement efficiency, we then use advanced workouts in order for them to get faster results and stay injury free.

We use the 6-12-25 method. It is a physical training system originally designed for athletes.

Some of our clients have been able to improve their body fat percentage by 1.5% per week from following the 6-12-25 method.

It is based these 4 principles:

  1. Performing 3 exercises back to back using the same muscle group
  2. Perform each set to failure in order to recruit and exhaust as many muscle fibbers as possible
  3. Strive to do more work every session
  4. Perform this phase for 4 weeks maximum in order to avoid overtraining

How this method is used:

We use the 6-12-25 method with our clients who seek drastic fat loss in the shortest amount of time possible. This physical training method was originally designed for athletes who have to deal with high amounts of lactic acid in their sport – for example athletes like 400 Meters runners, speed skaters or short track cyclists.

This is a great workout to increase local strength endurance and lactic acid tolerance. As this type of workout has a very high energy cost, it is amazing for fat loss as long as it is combined with a personalised nutrition program. If done with the right intensity, the 6-12-25 method should make you feel sore for 3-4 days.

When using the 6-12-25 method, start with the exercise that is most neurologically complex and work to the simplest.

In the video our personal training manager Jeremy Meyer is performing the 6-12-25 to train his posterior chain or hamstrings, glutes and erector spinae. He is doing:

  1. lying leg curls
  2. Romanian Dead Lifts
  3. Reverse Hyperextensions

Each exercise should be done to positive or concentric failure. In other words, if the repetition range for the exercise is 4-6 reps, you should not be able to perform an extra repetition for that exercise. You should not be able to perform a seventh repetition.

Getting results:

The price of hiring a personal trainer in Hong Kong can be higher than other countries. Make sure the personal trainer you decide to hire in Hong Kong has a long history of proven results.

At RAW personal training, some of our clients lose up to 1.5% body fat by combining advanced workouts and personalised nutrition planning.

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RAW Personal TrainingThe 6-12-25 physical training method for athletes will help you lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously.