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Annie started her 10 weeks transformation on March 2nd 2014. On her first measurement, her body fat percentage was 22.6% and her body weight 58.6kg.

Annie Hon - Before

MARCH 2nd, 2014: 22.6% Body Fat

She trained 5 days a week for 50 to 55min per session, which included 4 strength training workouts and 1 modified strongman workout per week. Annie initially started at 1600 Calories per day (120 Gr Carbs, 160 Gr Protein, 55 Gr Fat). Her progress was tracked by taking weekly measurements.

By about week 3, Annie got leaner and gained more muscle mass, her daily intake of calories was increased to 1700 and carbs increased to 160grams. Protein and fat intake remained the same throughout the 10 weeks. After 10 weeks, on May 11th, she was measured at 14.6% body fat and 57kg body weight. She actually put on 3kgs of lean mass in 10 weeks.

“At RAW we use a 12 sites skinfold caliper test in order to accurately test body fat percentages.”
Jeremy Meyer – Manager/Personal Trainer.

Image, Transformation Training Journey - Annie

MAY 11th, 2014: 14.6% Body Fat

What motivated you in the first place?

Quite a few factors, actually. From feeling sluggish to being made fun of by others for my size, the moment I really knew it was time for me to do something was when I couldn’t fit in to my favourite brand of jeans because they didn’t make them in a large enough size. I couldn’t bear to give up my favourite designer because of my size, so on my drive home from that shopping trip, I decided that I both wanted and needed to learn more about weight management.

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Annie – Age 16

How did being at RAW motivate you to make further changes?

By the time I joined RAW, it had already been about ten years since that eye-opening shopping trip. I had been weight training regularly and eating ‘clean’ most of the time, or at least I thought I was. Although the food I was eating was on plan, I was still overindulging unnecessarily. One day, over a casual conversation with my colleague Jeremy, I asked him what I would need to do to achieve the fitness model physique (I’ve wanted to look strong, sexy and feminine for years!) We then came up with long and short term goals, a training plan and nutrition guidelines. All of these combined factors were tailored to both my needs and ability.

It was having this concrete plan changed the “I want..” into action. I got proactive and confident as I got one-step closer to what I had wanted for a long time; both the feeling and overall look of health and strength. This was when my 10 week body transformation really began.

Annie Hon - Transformation

MAY 11th, 2014: 14.6% Body Fat

In your experience, what is the most important aspect of fat-loss?

There is no one single magic factor to aid weight loss. Short-term changes may lead to fast results but rebound often happens faster.

In my experience of losing (and keeping off) 25kg, its has been about making simple but key lifestyle changes over a 10 year period. All the proactive changes I made accumulated over the years, and I continue to enjoy learning as I go, resulting in where I am today.

Making lifestyle changes is tough and scary. At first, I didn’t know how I’d get through my morning without my chocolate croissant and grande mocha. Also, going from being a vegetarian to eating meat again was daunting at first, but I took it one day at a time and remained positive.

Although I sometimes veered off plan, I always kept my spirits up and didn’t let an off day derail my long-term goals.

How does strength training help with fat loss? For men and women?

Strength training helped my fat loss journey tremendously! I was just so bored and unmotivated doing cardio for lackluster results, so I hired a qualified strength coach, who showed me what a properly designed weight lifting program could do. Lifting weights, with the appropriate intensity and volume; has transformed me from being a ‘skinny fat’ body type to the leaner and stronger body I have today.

As a trainer, I train my male and female clients in the exact same way. I don’t give my female clients lighter weights and higher reps, nor do I give my male clients heavier weights with less reps. I assign my clients weight and reps according to their goals, ability and phase in training. In fact, some of my female clients can do more pull-up’s and lift heavier weights than my male clients. They all work very hard and I’m proud of them.

Before joining RAW, I used to train myself at a commercial gym. Day in and day out, I saw the same women lifting the same small dumbbells all barely breaking a sweat. Ladies- if you want fat loss, you should lift some heavier weights – i.e- train with higher intensity. Intensity, in simplified terms, refers to how heavy the weight is. We need to train at a high enough intensity for hormonal changes to occur, leading to fat loss. No intensity, no fat loss!

Annie Hon - Transformation

MAY 11th, 2014: 14.6% Body Fat

As for men, I also saw many of them using weights that were too heavy. This leads to poor technique, which means full range of motion isn’t achieved. Form and range of motion are two very important aspects of strength training. It is integral to lighten the load, in order to concentrate on good form (to avoid injuries later) so that strength is achieved through full range of motion.

How do I stay motivated in a sustainable, positive way?

I find getting my body-fat measured by Jeremy on a weekly basis helps me to stay on track. With every measurement, we go through my food and supplement diary and training program. Small adjustments are made if necessary. This is especially important because our nutritional requirements change as we get leaner.

I’m very lucky to be surrounded and supported by a group of very knowledgeable colleagues. Their combined expertise in strength training and nutrition, as well as their continued support helped me to achieve my goals over the course of ten weeks. Having up to date, clear knowledge in these two vital areas are what make RAW trainers stand out as body transformation specialists. Training and nutrition together play a pivotal role and act synergistically in fat loss. Without one another, your progress will only go so far.


MAY 11th, 2014: 14.6% Body Fat

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