Is your fat loss transformation in Hong Kong sustainable or just another fad?

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Fad Diet Transformation
Jeremy Meyer

There are many fitness centres in Hong Kong who promise their clients extreme results in a short period of time.

Yet, people in Hong Kong are getting fatter and unhealthier.

Many people in Hong Kong are under more stress now than 15 to 20 years ago. People are sleeping less than ever, have plummeting sex drives and their digestive systems are not working efficiently. This compounding effect leads people to constantly over indulge on high calorie foods and alcohol. For the past 3-4 years, body transformations have been the latest trend in fitness centres in Hong Kong. Gyms use pictures of their clients achieving radical physical changes in a short time period. I have been training myself for 27 years. I have worked as a personal trainer for 21 years. It is my professional opinion that

95% of those transformations are fabricated

The human body changes slowly. It takes at least 1 year for a drug free client to put on 5-7kg’s of muscle mass. It is physiologically impossible to lose more than 1kg of fat mass per week. In our fitness centre in Hong Kong, we never turn down clients but we want to create long term, and sustainable changes. Not a quick fix. We want our clients to feel happier and healthier in the long run. Not run down, stressed out and miserable.

Unrealistic expectations

Every week, potential clients inquire about our athletic training program. Some of them have gone to other gyms and attempted to do a rapid and unrealistic transformation. Many of them did lose weight in the short term due to the high calorie restriction and drastic increase in training volume. 90% of them either give up half way or go through it only to end up unhappy, stressed, injured and disappointed with their inability to maintain the little results they have achieved. We’ve even had a few who have developed eating disorders after their 12 week transformations attempts. We provide injury rehabilitation as part of our program. At RAW, we want to create long term, sustainable changes. Not a quick fix. We want our clients to feel happier and healthier in the long run. Not run down, stressed out and miserable. Our athletic training programs are individually designed and focus on fat loss, health and injury rehabilitation.

When taking on a new client, we want to make sure we work on building a solid foundation before addressing more specific goals.

During our initial consultation, we ask our clients the following 6 questions.
  • Do you get at least 7-8 hours of non interrupted sleep every night?

    Training and dieting at the same time is both mentally and physically stressful. If you’re not sleeping well, you will not recover and progress will stall or stop completely. Getting adequate sleep is a crucial factor to our athletic program being successful.

  • Do you go to the bathroom at least once per day?

    This is always awkward to ask a new client. However, if you are not going once per day you may not be efficient at absorbing and processing food. You’re also not efficient at detoxifying. Most people who initially come to us only go 2-3 times per week. Your gut and digestive systems are not working efficiently.

  • What do you enjoy doing? What gives you joy in life? Are you willing to do it for at least 1 hour per day?

    This can’t be related to exercise, eating/preparing food or work. It must be something you consider “Fun and enjoyable”. We feel that this is highly important. Trying to improve your health and fitness is a lifelong process. People who don’t have fun and joy in their lives will not stick to exercise routines or healthy nutritional habits. They will constantly aim for quick fixes in order to fill that void and emptiness.

  • How many hours of exercise have you done per week for the last 6 months?

    People join gyms or hire personal trainers and go from doing zero exercise for years to training 6 hours per week. Training volume must be increased slowly. Otherwise it will lead to overtraining symptoms such as sleep disturbances, injuries, joint pain, stagnation and frustration. Getting injured will stop you in your tracks. At RAW personal training, we use a conservative approach to increasing both training volume and intensity.

  • Can you perform basic movement patterns pain free and with full range of motion? In other words, Do you have adequate mobility?

    Mobility is a combination of flexibility and movement. Poor hip, ankle, shoulder and scapula mobility is common amongst office workers and week-end warriors. It will lead to inefficient movement which will lead to pain and injuries.

At Raw, in order to help our Hong Kong clients with injury rehabilitation, everyone gets their mobility assessed on a regular basis. We can then prescribe the adequate exercise progression in order to improve your mobility and stability.
  • Do you have any major strength discrepancies between the left and right side of your body?

    Everyone has a slightly dominant side. It is normal and acceptable to a certain extent. However, when a slight difference grows into a major discrepancy, it becomes a priority and if it is not rectified, it will lead to pain and injury.

This give us the ability to prescribe the adequate strength training program in order to address strength inequalities. I have seen many new eager gym goers get injured in the first week of starting an exercise routine. This is often due to a major structural imbalance and an inadequate choice of exercises.
RAW Personal TrainingIs your fat loss transformation in Hong Kong sustainable or just another fad?