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Better Vegan Nutrition & Strength Training Leads To 8kg’s Fat Loss in 12 weeks.

Better Vegan Nutrition

Gabo had been physically active all her life. She had been searching for a Personal Trainer and found RAW by doing an online search. She needed help with a better Vegan nutrition plan for strength training and injury rehabilitation.

The three main reasons why she was seeking help were:

Being an avid martial artist for most of her life, she suffered from back, neck and shoulder pain.

As a vegan, she was struggling to build muscle due to her low protein intake. She was looking for a vegan nutrition plan that would help her build muscle and lose body fat.

Gabo had been practising Thai Boxing for many years. She wanted to increase her strength, muscle mass, and power to increase her performance in the ring.

Unlike other personal training gyms in Hong Kong, every client at RAW Personal Training begins with a 90-minute assessment.  The purpose of this assessment is to gather information about each client’s exercise, health history and lifestyle.

Her trainer can then design a strength training and cardiovascular training program and give specific injury rehabilitation advice and vegan nutritional advice to help her reach her fitness goals. This attention to detail provided by her trainer when working on her goals allowed them to identify small, quick changes that could be made to make an immediate impact.

I liked the fact that the trainer I initially met with at RAW explained complicated topics in ways that I could relate to and understood.

RAW Personal Training Gym Hong Kong - Injury Rehabilitation​ Vegan Nutrition

Throughout the assessment, we identified Gabo’s areas of improvement, and RAW designed a customized meal plan to include more protein, strength training and injury rehabilitation programs to address the following areas:

Posterior chain strength (lower back, glutes, hamstring) was lacking. She suffered from back pain because of it.

Her upper back and shoulder retractors were weak. This was giving her shoulder and neck pain. Strengthening those areas would be a priority.

Her body fat percentage was 25%. This was too high to see any muscle definition.

Core strength and endurance were lacking and this was causing poor posture, energy leaks, and early fatigue during exercise.

We recommended regular core training in her training program.

What’s great about RAW is their step-by-step approach. I could not have done what I did without their knowledge, motivation, and encouragement.

The Results

After 3 months of training at RAW, Gabo achieved the following goals:

She lost 8kg of fat mass and gained 4 kg of lean muscle mass.

Her body fat percentage improved by 10% in 12 weeks (From 25% down to 15%)

I lost 14cm around the waist and 12cm around the hips and I feel much stronger.

Form and technique are key value drivers as after only three months of training, Gabo was able to deadlift 100kg completely pain-free.

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