Nutrition Planning

“Take a moment out of the day to enjoy what's on your plate.”

- Anonymous

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Jeremy Meyer

Let's find out how Personal Trainer Jeremy Meyer  prepares a Nutrition Plan for a new client at RAW Personal Training.  Jeremy shows us how Good Nutrition and Strength Training go hand in hand to achieve sustainable Weight Loss and Muscle Gain.


Each Client at RAW gets a Personal Nutrition Plan.  

We design each plan individually according to your goals, training frequency, training volume, age, gender and dietary requirements.  We can cater to Vegan and Religious dietary requirements in our plans. We write simple and easy-to-follow food plans leading to positive lifestyle and nutritional changes.

Ready for the Big Day

Eat Real Food

Our belief is that a sound nutrition program should be centered around eating real food.  We encourage you to eat high-quality protein such as meat, seafood and eggs or nuts and legumes if you are vegan, along with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and healthy sources of dietary fats – it's that simple.

Daily Food Routine Example


Step By Step

Your handbook includes all the tools you’ll need to succeed, including: A list of food groups that detract from your health and fitness and those groups that make you healthier. A detailed shopping guide is an essential meal planning template that gives you an outline for portion sizes, meal frequency, pre-and post-workout nutrition, and several other helpful resources.