Strength and conditioning workouts leads to 6kg’s fat loss in 10 weeks and looking great for wedding day

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If you are looking at losing fat quickly, read Eleanor’s story. She lost 6kg’s of fat in 10 weeks in order to fit into her wedding dress.

3 basic steps to Eleanor’s success:

1) She followed our customised nutritional advice:

We will design a detailed plan according to your needs and specific goals. We re-assess body fat every week and adjust nutrition plans accordingly.

2) She strength trained 3 times per week:

An increase in muscle mass and strength will help you burn more calories 24/7. Our personalised strength and conditioning workouts will make the whole process of losing fat fun and less tedious than spending hours on a treadmill. Strength training will strengthen your immune system, increase bone mass and improve sleep quality.

3) She focused on high intensity/interval type conditioning workouts:

Our customised athletic training programs focus on combining short bouts of high intensity efforts and rest periods. These types of workouts are time efficient, maximise fat loss, increase your metabolism and minimises boredom.


Working as a lawyer, Eleanor only had 3 hours to commit towards training per week. The RAW methodology is built to maximize results and minimise time commitment.

We sat down with Eleanor as we wanted to ask her a few questions about her transformation story.

Eleanor 's Front Side

Eleanor 's Back Side

You had no strength training experience before you started at RAW. How did you find lifting weights?

“My trainer made sure that I knew exactly which muscle groups we were focusing on for each exercise. I felt confident that she knew exactly how much weight I could handle and pushed me much further than I would ever have felt capable of by myself.” Eleanor

Eleanor 's Exercising on Rowing Machine

How did you stay on track throughout the process?

“My trainer kept a continuous record of each workout via the tracking of weights, sets, repetitions and progress in body composition. I was able to clearly see the progress I was making. This kept me accountable and served as a motivational factor. It also gave me a target to beat in the next sessions.” Eleanor

Eleanor 's Dumble Training

Did you have any injuries before you started?

“Being an avid skier, I struggled with pain from a previous knee injury. My training initially focused on improving my weak links and structural balance. After 10 weeks of training at RAW, I am pain free.

Eleanor 's SquatsTraining


  • Eleanor lost 6kg’s of fat mass.
  • She lost 2 dress sizes and was able to fit into her wedding dress.
  • Completely got rid of knee pain caused by an old ski injury.

Eleanor 's On Wedding Day

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RAW Personal TrainingStrength and conditioning workouts leads to 6kg’s fat loss in 10 weeks and looking great for wedding day