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One on One Attention

At Raw we want you to get the best return on your investment so we only offer one-on-one personal training, by appointment only.

We have five staff working in the business, so a maximum of ten personal trainers and clients at any one time is our spacious 2,200 square foot premises.

The extra space is even more important because it allows for plenty of social distancing, even during peak times.

There’s no need to wear masks during sessions in our studio because all our staff and clients are fully vaccinated, so the chance of being infected with COVID-19 is low.

RAW Personal Training Gym Hong Kong - Eleni Return on Your Investment
A Private Experience

By offering by appointment only, one-on-one personal training sessions at our gym fitness studio, we can offer a completely private experience that isn’t possible in an overcrowded gym.

At Raw, you won’t feel intimidated working out or talking about your goals and health concerns with strangers all around, like you would at a busy crowded gym.

Raw has plenty of examples of proven results where clients have achieved their goals and impressive body transformations. Check out our Blog or Transformation Pages.

Return on Your Investment

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Workouts Planning

Here at Raw we pre-plan every client’s Strength Training workout and Nutrition Program on a long-term basis. This ensures you get the best return on your investment.

We believe it’s important that clients have short-term and long-term goals to work towards.

In a busy environment, workout plans are often prepared just before the session and based on the available equipment.

By planning in advance, we can make sure the workouts match the long-term goals of our clients.

Body Transformation - RAW Personal Training Gym Hong Kong Return on Your Investment
Science Based and Sustainable

Our results are achieved because we follow a no-nonsense scientific approach.

We know our plans work because they are based on 50 years of research on strength training, nutrition, lifestyle, health, supplementation and injury prevention.

We test the science over and over with excellent results.

These results aren’t achieved without our strong focus on sustainable goals. Our trainers will make sure you set goals that are achievable and sustainable. Unless a goal is to sustain and be maintained for a period of time, you won’t achieve a certain level of fitness, strength and muscle mass.

We want you to meet your goal and achieve lifelong changes

RAW Personal Training Gym Hong Kong - Philip Transformation Return on Your Investment
Making Every Second Count

Most of our clients are time-poor. They want to use their time efficiently, not wait for equipment or participate in idle chat. You won't see anyone posing in the mirror or taking selfies in our gym.

Our plans for all 60-minute workouts account for every second.

Clients are either exercising or sticking to their specific rest periods. While at Raw, our clients are getting the best possible return on investment for their time.

Raw’s personal trainers keep in contact with clients daily. Our phone calls and messages help them stay accountable for their actions and provides positive reinforcement to follow the nutrition and lifestyle advice that make up an important part of the body transformation process.

Return on Your Investment

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Satisfied Long-Term Clients

Once a busy gym or training centre sells a membership or personal training package, it’s counted as a sale and profit.

At Raw, we only count sessions as sales after they have been performed.

Therefore, it’s our number one priority to build and maintain a long-term clientele. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, so we don’t churn through clients. Our clients keep coming back and tell their friends and family about their positive experience.

Clients are re-assessed on a fortnightly basis to ensure they are on track and maintain change over the long term.

If we find a client isn’t improving from one week to the next, we’ll make a change to the training or nutrition program to help kick-start progress.

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