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Real Athletic Workouts (RAW) offers a unique 1-1 fitness experience for you.

Here’s why:

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The Space at RAW:

  1. A luxury, high-end unique space with the finest fitness equipment for your Personal Trainer to get you more efficient results, in a safe, quiet, modern and clean environment
  2. Based in Central Hong Kong (near Public Transport and MTR), RAW offers a bright space with a glass wall and a sky high view to enjoy
  3. Achieving your fitness goals is accelerated using RAW modern, intelligent precision equipment and technology
  4. A great space, a tailored plan and a highly qualified trainer will be with you for every session
  5. At RAW, we proudly train all genders, ages, and we support and actively welcome the LGBT community

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The Founder and Trainer of RAW – Jeremy Meyer:

  1. Founder Jeremy Meyer is renowned within the fitness industry
  2. He is a multi-disciplined, academically qualified trainer with over 20-years experience. Read about Jeremy Meyers Experience and History here
  3. Jeremy can train all body types:

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Jeremy Meyer, Raw Personal Trainer in Hong Kong

The Trainers at RAW:

  1. Can transform your body in a short time period (for example before your wedding) to gain or lose weight, strength or condition
  2. Every session is with your Personal Trainer working on your customised fitness plan
  3. A multi-disciplined, experienced and qualified trainer will train you
  4. Can and will provide nutritional advice
  5. RAW measures you before and after your plan to track your progress throughout

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