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Gain muscle and lose fat in 14 days

During the initial consultations with all potential clients, the main questions that 95% ask me are how long will it take for them to start noticing changes in terms of:

Looking better: – fat loss and muscle gain

Feeling better:  – Increased energy, the improved mood throughout the day, more strength and stamina.

Gain muscle and lose Fat: – Weight loss and body changing shape.

The answer is, I expect all clients of RAW who are compliant with our programs to notice results within 14 days.  In order for this to happen, we follow a planned, step-by-step detailed process and focus on the steps below.
Step One: Collect, assess, and re-assess data on a weekly basis.
Each new client goes through a 90-min initial assessment. We measure body composition, take circumference measurements, test their mobility and ability to perform basic human movements. We can then set short-term goals. We re-test clients on a weekly basis. This helps keep our clients motivated throughout the process to gain muscle and lose fat. It also allows us to show our clients that the changes they are implementing are leading to tangible and measurable results. Testing and re-testing clients are highly important and most trainers in Hong Kong do not provide this service to their clients.

Step Two: In order to achieve noticeable results in 14 days, clients must train a minimum of 3 times per week.
When it comes to achieving results within any time frame, frequency and consistency are more important than intensity. Our clients do not have to train in our studio 3 times per week, but they are given detailed training programs to follow in their own time. We ask that each client messages us after they have done their workout in order to provide accountability.

Step Three: For our clients to feel better and look better in 14 days, we ask them to agree on making a minimum of 3 “behavioural” changes during the initial month of training.
These behavioural changes vary from client to client depending on their current lifestyle and nutritional habits. Initially, they can be as simple as exercising 3 times per week for beginners or untrained clients, to following a detailed nutritional program for advanced clients. There is a wide range of changes that are easy to implement and that leads to faster results.

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