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Every client of Raw gets a customized nutrition plan. Our focus is making our clients the healthiest and leanest they have ever been. We design each plan individually according to the client’s goals, training frequency, training volume, age, gender and the amount of lean muscle mass they carry on their frame.

We either write simple and easy to follow plans or highly detailed nutrition plans. This varies according to the client’s level of commitment towards making positive lifestyle and nutritional changes.

Why focus so much on what you eat? Because we believe nutrition is the foundation of any good fitness program and the gateway to optimal health. We know that your nutritional habits play such an important role in achieving your health and performance goals.


Eat Real Food.

Our belief is that a good nutrition program should be centered around eating real food. We know that fad diets, crash diets, miracle pills and “meal replacements” are not part of a balanced, sustainable path towards improved health and fitness.

Instead, we encourage you to eat high-quality meat, seafood and eggs, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and healthy sources of dietary fats – it’s that simple. Just eat good food, put your meals together in a way that is simple, balanced and (most importantly) sustainable, and experience all of the tangible benefits that come from a nutrition plan designed to help you create a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, calm systemic inflammation and put an end to unhealthy cravings, habits, and relationships with food.


A “step by step” approach to changing nutritional habits.

We believe implementing good nutritional habits from your very first day with us is so important that we provide all of our members with a comprehensive printed handbook designed to walk you through all the basics. Your handbook includes all the tools you’ll need to succeed, including:

Our nutritional “elevator pitch” – Nutrition in 60 Seconds.


A list of food groups that detract from your health and fitness, and those groups that make you healthier.

A detailed Shopping Guide, including helpful hints for making high-quality food choices

A basic meal planning template outlining portion sizes, meal frequency and pre- and post- workout nutrition.

A number of helpful resources – additional recipe sites, references, books and movies.

Ready to start your journey to optimal health?

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