Raw Fitness enabled me to achieve my fitness goals with a tailored workout based on my body type and abilities. The team was able to help me create a...

Yoko Yamamoto


Being new to Hong Kong, like me you'll find there's a plethora of options that are not easy to sift through so I was very glad to find Jeremy and the ...

Ed S


Really enjoy training there. Equipment is modern and programs are getting me results. At RAW I am personal guided through my program, not overcrowded ...

Yolande Rothschild


Worked w/ Jeremy (owner) for a few months. Fantastic experience with results. He's very knowledgeable and has tons of experience to back him up. It...

Kevin Sun


Excellent and professional coaching at this gym. The coach is experienced and friendly, and gives clear instructions. Well personalized in terms of th...

Leung Gabriel

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Real Athletic Workouts

Real Athletic Workouts (RAW) is a strength and conditioning training studio located in Central, Hong Kong. We offer personal training, manual therapy and nutritional services to urban professionals and athletes of all fitness levels. We are committed to assisting you to reach your health goals using the most effective program design and training tools.

We can provide swift body transformations as well as long term sustainable results. Our Personal trainers can advise you with: fat loss, muscle gain, body transformations, strength and conditioning as well as injury rehabilitation.  We assess clients on a weekly basis in order to keep them on track, provide motivation and keep them accountable. We only use scientifically proven training techniques and nutritional advice.  We build trusting and honest relationships with our clientele by using a matter of fact approach.  We focus on creating a positive, no pressure environment in our studio. This has helped our clients achieve tangible and noticeable results since 2009.

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