Three unique approaches Personal Trainers and Nutritionists teach at RAW in order to accelerate our clients’ rate of fat loss

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Losing Weight and Improving Body Composition - Raw Personal Training

One of the major misconceptions that we initially explain to our personal training clients is the difference between losing weight and improving body composition.

Take a look at the example below:

These women are all 68 kg weight. The lady on the left is 35% body fat. The lady on the right is 18% of body fat.

Weight loss is a reduction in scale weigh through a reduction in muscle mass, fat mass, and fluid.  This happens when people follow a very restrictive diet. It is short-lived as soon as people eat a normal amount of calories, their weight shoots back up. There is usually a rebound effect due to muscle loss. Any loss in muscle mass will decrease your metabolism.

On the other hand, when you build muscle, your metabolism increases. You will burn more calories 24/7. If you follow the adequate diet for your body type you will lose fat and build muscle. This leads to a more “toned” look.

Our trainers suggest aiming at fat loss and muscle gain rather than weight loss only Here’s how working with our personal trainers and nutritionists will help you achieve a healthy, strong and lean physique.


  1. Strength training and cardiovascular workouts stress the body. The body responds by adapting to that stress. The stress from exercise must be progressive in order to create long term, sustainable and favorable results


  1. Our Personal Trainers at RAW in our Hong Kong Central Gym focus on teaching perfect strength training technique for all movements. We use a slow and steady progression of movements according to the client’s level of experience, movement efficiency, and current mobility. Strength training performed correctly will help you build muscle, increase strength, increase metabolism and prevent injuries


  1. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in the gym training if you take in too many calories through food or drink and if you consume an inadequate ratio of macronutrients, you will not get leaner. Our nutritionists build individual nutrition plans according to our customer’s goals, body types, and metabolism.

Body fat distribution tells a bigger story

There are different types of fat distribution, and different types are associated with certain nutritional or hormonal imbalances. There is no doubt that it is harder to lose and easier to store body fat in a fast-paced, populated city like Hong Kong.

Do you store fat around the belly/waist? This could be due to a combination of inadequate nutrition and stress.

Or on your love handles, and upper back? You could be insulin insensitive. This is usually due to the consumption of the wrong type of carbohydrates at the wrong time for you your body type.

How about in your lower body? You might have trouble detoxifying because of low fiber intake, chronic dehydration, deficiencies in specific vitamins and minerals and a lack of exercise.

Focusing on fat loss while retaining muscle tissues will give you an athletic appearance, improve metabolic rate and add to your overall wellbeing.

Three ways to increase the rate of fat loss and improve body composition:

1) Fix existing chronic issues that contribute to inflammation

Fix your digestive system: heartburn, indigestion, chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, recurring injuries, and sleep will all increase chronic inflammation and slow you’re your rate of fat loss. You will find that your body will recover faster, experience fewer food cravings, and improve digestion, thus improving your motivation to train and eat better. Our Personal Trainers and Nutritionists will cover all these issues during our 90 min initial assessment.

2) Nutrition

You can’t out-train a poor diet. You can train 4 days a week, eat healthy 4-5 out of 7 days but if you stray from the nutrition plan too much during weekends, results will be slow. Be consistent with your nutrition. Choose high quality, nutrient-dense whole foods, such as pasture raised meats and organic vegetables. Avoid processed food and foods that you are intolerant to.

3) Perform a high volume of work using strength training movements with short rest periods to optimize fat loss

Choose higher intensity, high volume strength training workouts with short rest periods to induce a favorable endocrine response to exercise.

Using challenging weights for high repetitions will cause the body to produce lactic acid. This will induce the release of growth hormone, helping you burn more fat and build more muscle.

Full body workouts in a superset, tri-set, or circuit format with non-competing exercises create the largest metabolic demands and maximum calorie burn. Every set much is highly challenging and completed to a technical failure in order to get maximum results.


If your goal is fat loss, you must get your body composition measured on a weekly basis and focus on improving your body fat % by gaining muscle and losing fat for long term sustainable changes.

We can help you to improve your body composition by addressing gut health, help you manage stress, improve your nutrition and fix chronic aches and pains. By reducing systemic inflammation first, you will speed up your rate of fat loss, increase your energy levels and build strength and muscle

Book an appointment with a RAW Personal Trainer at our Central Hong Kong Gym to see how we can help you reach your personal fitness goals and improve your overall well being.

RAW Personal TrainingThree unique approaches Personal Trainers and Nutritionists teach at RAW in order to accelerate our clients’ rate of fat loss