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Jeremy Meyer, November 21, 2017

Ben rehabilitates ACL Ligament Injury and loses 11% body fat with strength and conditioning workouts

Ben got his ACL Ligament Injury tore playing touch rugby. He let himself go and lost motivation to exercise after the injury.  Once cleared for exercise by his physiotherapist, he came to RAW Personal Training for Strength & Conditioning Workouts.

Jeremy Meyer, November 3, 2017

Nicolas loses 11% body fat in 4 months with Personal Training and Nutrition Planning

New to Personal Training and Nutrition Planning Nick found RAW Personal Training when searching for a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Central Hong Kong. Nicolas is a family man and works as a lawyer.  His body fat percentage was over 25%.

Jeremy Meyer, October 13, 2017

New Mum Loses Post Pregnancy Weight | RAW Personal Training

Nina started her journey of post-pregnancy weight loss training at RAW in 2015. Initially, she came to us as she was dealing with a few injuries caused by long-distance running. She fell in love with the whole personal training experience

Jeremy Meyer, October 7, 2016

Strength Training for Sprinter Glenn Cox

Sprinter Glenn Cox was able to reduce his body fat percentage from 10% to 6% in 13 weeks by focusing on structural balance and then functional hypertrophy. Following the well-developed individualized strength-training program, he was able to gain lean 6kg’s

Jeremy Meyer, January 14, 2016

Three habits to accelerate weight loss

Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss One of the biggest misconceptions of many clients is between fat loss and weight loss. You can be 68kg (150lb) of lean muscle or 68kg of skinny fat. Body fat distribution tells a bigger story There

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